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When developing information systems, it is important to understand the components of the solution. There is a need to include the five components in the solution so that the solution will be inclusive. This paper will focus on the solution for Singing Valley solution for the clients.

The first solution would be to get the details of the clients and have their suggestions. The suggestions would include the ones that the company have suggested. What will happen is that the clients will be given the options of what can be offered apart from the services that have been provided in the case.
Hardware – the solution would involve the use of the mobile phones and personal computing devices like laptops and palmtops. The company would design questionnaires for individual clients and get their views. The clients would then use their mobiles phones to answer the questionnaires. They will then send the questionnaires to the clerks.
Software – the software that will be used will be the application which which the questionnaire will be developed and also the applications including the systems that are running on the clients’ computing devices. The software will be used as communication platforms for the users.
Data – the data that will be involved in the solution would be the data that the users will submit through the questionnaires.
Procedures – the procedures would include the process in which the whole data collection will be followed. The sending and filling of the questionnaires will be included in the procedures.

People – the people will be the clients who will have to be understood according to their preferences.

Solution 2
The second solution would be to have data mining using the data that is already in existence. The company would use the database to get information about the customers. They will then use this information to get all information about the clients. After the data mining has been done, the overall strategy would use the data and get the relevant procedures and the solution that would suit the need. The behaviors of the clients and the possible solution and improvement in sales will be known.
Hardware – the hardware that would be involved in the process would be the database servers that are used to store the databases in the company.
Software – the software that would be used in the process would include the database management systems that have been deployed in the company. Data – the data would be the datasets that are stored in the databases that are being analyzed
Procedures – the procedures would include the harvesting and analyzing of the customer behaviors while they are in Hanging Valley. The procedures would start by observing the trends of the clients.
People – the people in this solution would still involve the need to understand the way the clients will be better served.


One of the recommendation for the case would be to understand the customers so that the gaps will be taken advantage. It will be important to use the data that is already in the system. The solution will be found from within. Using data mining will not only get new ways of improving the sales, it will also get personalized ways of approaching the clients. The clients will be approached basing on the behaviors that they have showed. The personal touch will be achieved for the clients.

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