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Management Background Paper

Big and multinational organizations always try their level best to maintain their operations with a positive angle and provide every important thing to their employees from which they can have effectiveness within their working (Baker & Doran, 2007). Employees are obliged to work accordingly and full of their devotion in order to maintain the significance of the entity in a best possible manner. The Human Resources Department is equally beneficial for small organization, as it is important for large organizations. In order to bring economic efficiency within the operations of a company, it is important for the enterprises to overcome on their potential loopholes, which most of the time located within the operative action of the company (Deckop, 2006).
The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the case of Apple Inc in terms of overcoming on some of its major problems related to the Human Resources Management (HRM). There are certain problems which have been highlighted in this particular analysis related to the background of Apple Inc that needed to be overcome through powerful analysis and recommendations (Deckop, 2006).
Apple Inc is basically an American multinational corporation which has its headquartering located in California, the United States. It basically designs and sells the computer electronics, online services, computer software, personal computers and other things. The best products of Apple Inc are Apple Mac and iPod Media Player, along with iOS Operating System. In terms of revenue and size, Apple Inc is known as the second largest technological based company of the world; however it is the largest company of the world in terms of Market Capitalization. The total revenue and net income recognized and pointed out by the company in the financial year 2014 was US$ 182.795 billion and US$ 39.51 billion respectively. There are currently 98,000 employees are working with the company.
There are number of problems that needed to be defined and analyzed simultaneously, and then recommend the best strategies form which all of these issues and problems can be overcome with a positive mind frame.

Analysis & Findings

There are four different problems which have been highlighted in this particular example that needed to be improved for a better future and effectiveness of the company.

Communication problems among group members
Lack of Cohesiveness in groups with diverse members
Excessive Intergroup Conflicts
Explanation of the Problems
Role Conflicts among the Groups
There are two different types of Groups found in an organization, known as Formal Groups and Informal Groups. Formal Groups are the types of group that made and manage by the organization itself, while informal groups have been made through the intentions of the employees like Gender, Religions and other aspects. A group usually consists on number of people which that work in an organization for the achievement of a single and pre-specified goal. Every group member is important for the group in terms of playing their role in the marketplace, however most of the time the roles of the group members can become a dominant reason behind the escalating conflicts among the members (Dessler, 2006).
Apple Inc is one of those organizations of the world which has number of role conflicts issue within their formal group. From the analysis, it is found that most of the members of the group are having problem in giving their role for the execution of operations of the company in a dominant and powerful manner. This particular problem of Role Conflict within the groups can be very dangerous for Apple Inc in their long run, because employees of the company who are unaware with their roles will not be in the favor of providing the duties and responsibility to the company for which they are included in the team or group. Resultantly, it will be a waste of resources and waste of financial aspect for the company.

Communication Problem among the Group Members

Communication is one of the most important elements that associated with the organizations, and its importance can never be neglected. Communication is a process that associated between two or more than two people. Apart from the organizations, the stance of communication is also very important within the Groups as well. From the entire case analysis of Apple Inc, it is found that the problem of low communication found among the group members of the company. Group members of the company should have strong level of discussion and communication among them for a better future of the company (Doran, 2002).
This particular loophole will certainly hit hard from financial as well as strategic aspect to the company, as low communication ill lead to decrease the efficiency level within the functionality and operations of the company which will not be effective for the company to execute their functions in a best possible manner. This particular problem of low communication among the group members not only increases the gap among the members of the company, but it also won’t enable them to perform their duties with devotion and effectiveness.

Lack of Cohesiveness in Groups with Diverse members

Workplace diversity is one of the most important mediums of effectiveness for the sake of an organization, and for that varies purpose, group and organizational members always try to take and make powerful actions. Having a diverse workforce is an indemnity that there is no level of discrimination found within the operations of a company which can be a perfect sign for them (Doran, 2002). It is a sort of stigma for big and multinational companies to have the problem of diversity and discrimination within their core operations, and they are required to overcome on these issues as early as possible.
Apple Inc, which is an important, big and multinational organization and it, is having this particular problem of diversity within their group. The lack of management and cohesiveness is found among the members of the company which is having a sort of trouble for them in the near future. This particular obsession will increase the level of conflict among the employees and the management of the company and will also decrease the level of financial competitiveness of Apple Inc heavily; therefore, it is required to overcome on this particular problem as early as possible by the management of Apple Inc. Diversity problem in the group may also leave the potential people unsatisfied in terms of joining the company. Increment in the employee’s turnover is one of the major problems that will be associating with the company in the near future merely because of this issue or problem.

Excessive Intergroup Conflicts

With having diversity issues within the operations of the company, the issues of excessive conflicts among the groups is also there which may endanger the entire life of the company. The main reason behind the excessive level of intergroup conflicts is having inefficiencies in the work-life balance of the group members due to which they become ineffective in their core operational activities. Apple Inc is having this particular problem because they have low communication among their group members along with ineffective delegation of work authority, which is creating problem for the company. The affects of this particular aspect can be very lethal and ineffective for Apple Inc, as it may dismay their group functionality in a manner that may hamper the growth of the company.

Recommendations to overcome problems/Suggestion

Role Conflicts among Group members Recommendation
Communication Problem Recommendation
As discussed earlier, communication is the most important activity associated with the long run operations of an organization, and it is equally important for the inter-group activities as well. From the discussion, it is found that there are certain problems exist with the company in terms of low communication. However, this particular problem can be overcome with the help of initiating Management Bi Objective (MBO) technique (Snell, Morris & Bohlander, 2016). It is a technique through which the group member can be in a regular communication and interaction with each other and share their problems which are hampering their productivity. This particular level of communication and interaction among the employees will certainly increases the level of satisfaction among the employees and will also compel them to contribute effectively within the productive level of the company. This particular approach will leave the employee’s very satisfied from the current operations of the company and it will be essential for the financial aspect of Apple Inc in the future.

Cohesiveness in the Group Recommendation

First of all, Apple Inc has to make sure that they don’t have anything pertains to discrimination within their organization, as it is the only way from which they can increase the knowledge of diversity in the workplaces. It is important for the Groups to arrange powerful functions and arrangement from which they can entertain all of their group members and apprise them regarding the issue of diversity. It is also recommended to the company to come up with a powerful training and development section in which all of the problem of discrimination and its related factors should be eliminated from their operations to make the things in the right manner for them. Apple Inc is a big multinational organization, and very competent as well in terms of complying with the industry standards and HR based activities, there should be a sort of cohesiveness within their operations. With the help of the aforementioned recommendation, the achievement of effectiveness is possible in this scenario.

Intergroup Conflict Recommendation

Intergroup conflicts is one of the most important and dominating problems found in almost every organization of the world, however it can be decrease with the help of some powerful and effective strategies. It is recommended to the company to give strong confidence to the employees of the company from which they can furnish the issues and problems they are facing with their counterparts. It is one of the most important issues which the company has to take care of it. This particular execution can be very effective and powerful for the company in terms of resolving its conflict problem. Apart from that the manager of the group should entertain all of their group members in a friendly manner so that they can share and discuss all of their issues and problems in a perfect manner.


Employees are the backbone of an organization, and no organization can attain attentiveness and effectiveness within their operative behavior without maintaining effectiveness within their employees. Every company needs perfect execution to maintain their level of effectiveness, and Apple Inc is one of those companies which are having problems in their operations in terms of employee’s management. From this particular analysis, there are four different problems have been highlighted along with the proposed solutions which the company has to undertake for their better future and improvement. All of the litigation and recommendations mentioned in the aforementioned section can be extremely productive for the company to bring attentiveness in their current operations.


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