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Woodbury Car Company has operated in different market demands and competitiveness from 1965 to 2015 across 1965. The Company has operates under varying management principles according to the shifting paradigm of business. In 1915, the Company is under stiff competition from the newly formed Henry Ford’s manufacturing facility under the machine metaphor. The classical management theory of Henri Fayol and bureaucracy theory of Max Weber’s theory influences the operations of Woodbury Car Company. By 1965, the Company survives the stiff Competition from the upcoming Companies in automobiles and the shift towards scientific analysis of workplace by Fredrick Taylor’s alongside Maslow’s, McGregory’s and Likert’s “System IV” theoretical perceptions. By 2015, the Company is under Systems Metaphor and social network effect. The paper analyses the Woodbury Car Company from 1915 to 2015 across 1965 according to changing automobiles business paradigms from the theoretical perception.

The Weber’s theory of bureaucracy also defines the operation of the Woodbury Car Company by the application of the six types of administration in 1915. Weber’s clarification of hierarchy, division of labor, centralization of the decision-making process leads to the closed system decision making with the application of rules to in the Company. The Weber’s theory caused the management of the Company to become functional in exercise authority that widened the gap between the subordinates and the managers. The communication system was formal mostly as written in the vertical flow of information from upwards to downwards.

Woodbury Car Company by 1965

At 1965, Woodbury Car Company has survived the over 50 years of competition, but still produces cars. The Company applies efficient management of the products of the automobiles according to Fredrick Taylor’s theory of scientific management. Woodbury begins to use the systematic approaches to studying the workers, tasks and the workplace behaviors alongside breaking responsibilities into sub-tasks for production efficiency. Productivity efficiency with quality control improves in the Woodbury’s 1965 automobile operations. The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs turns out eminent in the 1965 Woodbury car business. The Company began to appreciate self-actualization of the employee's needs. The executive management ranks human needs from the most fundamental to physical needs and then self-actualization for the employee’s motivation. The workplace environment ends up motivated for the efficient production efforts.
Hawthorne effect becomes the tendency of Woodbury Car Company in increasing the production of automobiles as workers begin to receive special needs and attention from their leaders in 1965. The motivation of employees occurs by the application of the human resource model. The McGregory’s theories X and Y raise the level of motivation of workers in the Company. The human resource gets motivated for the efficiency in the production and management of the automobiles. Lastly, the four systems by Renesis Likert’s system that includes exploitative authoritative system, benevolent authoritative system, consultative system and participative system becomes part of the Company's profile. The Likert's IV system became part of the organizational characteristics of Woodbury Car Company through teamwork and active participation of workers.

Woodbury Car Company by 2015

Currently, the Company operates under a network system for a strong and equal connectivity. Woodbury Car Company focuses on the establishment of social entities in an interdependency manner. The Company’ fields and partners work as a social network to increase the level of interaction for high chances of profitability and customization. The connectedness created out of social networks offers room for maximization of opportunities. Additionally, the Company is establishing its strong culture by creating socially organized communication.


The last 100 years shows changes in the automobile business that the Woodbury car Company tries adopt using different theoretical perspectives. By 1915, the Company is under stiff competition from the upcoming new Companies like the Henry Ford. Woodbury car Company operates under the machine metaphor and the Henri Fayol’s classical management theory. Additionally, Max Weber’s theory of bureaucracy is also influential in the operation and administration of the Company in the early 19th century. The Company was at 50 years in 1965 after surviving the stiff competition in the automobile business. Fredrick Taylor’s theory of scientific management and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shifts the paradigm from classical to systematic and human resource motivation. The Company is establishing the four Renesis Likert’s system for teamwork and workers participation. Lastly, at 2015, the Company is implementing social networking communications for connectedness. The creation of linkages leads to the evaluation of the markets and create a good relation with the employees for high profitability and customization in the automobile business. Woodbury car Company has tried to adapt to the changes in the market system and workplace demands in the last 100 years differently.

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