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“Analyzing English Grammar” 7th edition, by Thomas P. Klammer, Muriel R. Schulz & Angela Della Volpe is the essential companion to any rising teacher. It is also essential to any individual attempting to learn more about English and grammar. Employing several different grammar theories, and using excellent organizational skills, “Analyzing English Grammar,” allows students and teachers alike the opportunity to truly understand everything they have never been taught or understood about grammar. Concepts that once seemed unclear will be snapped into focus through the use of atypical examples and explanations. Though the book missteps when it comes to diagrams, and over-explaining several concepts, the material is still more valuable than these mistakes.
When attempting to learn grammar in efforts to be a teacher, there are many books to choose. It appears, “Analyzing English Grammar” 7th edition, written by Thomas P. Klammer, Muriel R. Schulz & Angela Della Volpe is one of the best sources one could choose. The structure of the book is designed to inform anybody hoping to teach mainstream education, from kindergarten to 12th grade, the fundamentals of grammar, and the structure of the English language. Students wishing to get the most out of one book for their education need look no further than the writings of Klammer, Schulz, and Volpe, as they allow the student to get a better grasp on the English language in order to teach students throughout their educational career. Despite minor glitches in the text, overall the book is informative, allowing students to learn grammatical theories and expand on inherent knowledge.
“Analyzing English Grammar” helps provide potential teachers with instructive grammar training while illustrating the importance of a strong English foundation in any education. The authors law a solid structural format, enabling any student the ability to follow the material, but also teach it. They draw upon traditional, as well as transformational grammatical theory in an effort to keep students continuously prepared for grammar and English instruction, both learning and teaching. Unlike other texts claiming to teach English and grammar, “Analyzing English Grammar,” speaks to students directly. The book also provides clear direction, and gives strong explanations for each lesson. The book then goes on to challenge students about being conscious of learning processes in their own lives, especially pertaining to their own grammar evolvement, thereby allowing them to incorporate the book’s lessons into their everyday life. It proves an effective way to establish the lessons of the book into an individual’s routine, teaching them every day through repetition. Eventually the student is able to engage analysis and critical thinking, which they are able to bring to his or her own lessons once they are teachers. Essentially, the text becomes an invaluable tool for prospective teachers.
A part of the book that many may not be considered as helpful as other parts contained diagrams. While they had their place during some examples, at times, they muddled the material, and made it more difficult to understand. Chain models were not always explained in depth and, at times, it took more time than was considered necessary to understand the diagram. Other diagram, like those showing integrative clauses, forms, and clause functions, etc. were much easier to understand. As one reads the book and sees more of these more easily understandable diagrams, one wonders why they are not all posed in this way. They are easy to understand, and teach the concepts quickly and concisely. Another slight problem with the reading is some of the material was over-explained. This complaint, however, is subjective, because some individuals understand material more quickly than others do. Nonetheless, there are only so many ways one can explain form-class words in their varieties and uses. Essentially, it seemed as though much of the material could have been consolidated into a smaller volume, while getting the same lesson across.
In sum, “Analyzing English Grammar,” written by Thomas P. Klammer, Muriel R. Schulz & Angela Della Volpe is, overall, a great tool for teaching English and grammar. It is also essential for preparing future teachers. The book is well organized, allowing students to build each lesson upon the last. It also gives nonconforming explanations throughout each lesson, allowing foreign concepts to be understood better by students who may find them unfamiliar. Though the book was found partial to English and grammar students, there were issues with the text. For example, many of the diagrams in the book appeared confusing and, at times, completely unnecessary when explaining the material. In some instances, they made the material more complicated than necessary. Other concepts were explained with too much fervor, though some students may require this in order to understand, leaving this idea subjective and open for debate. Despite the final complaints, the book is still essential for any English and grammar student and, because of its engaging techniques, it also critical for any future teachers.


Klammer, T. P., Schulz, M. R., & Volpe, A. (2012). Analyzing English Grammar. London: Longman.

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