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The Jefferson Cup award was established in 1983 and seeks to honor books and authors that touch on the topics of American history, historical fiction, and even biographies. Its goal is to promote readership among Americans especially about the American past while at the same time encouraging the authors on these topics. The award is given by a committee that is made up of members of the Virginia Library Association. For the Biographies, the criteria is that the author must give an account of a historical figure accurately and clearly, portray honesty and lack of bias, provide a mix of facts with clever imagination, and talk of a person whose work can relate and be meaningful to the youth and helps the youth get in touch with their history. For the History and Historical Fiction section, the criteria requires the author to have done extensive research on the topic, presented the event accurately and show support to generalizations with facts. The book should also talk about an issue the youth can relate to while making the history more conceivable to the youth.
The Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction was first created or established in the year 1982 by Scott O'Dell, and this award is accompanied by a reward of $ 5,000. This award focuses on writers with books that target children and young adults. Its aim is to encourage new writers and increase the interest of young readers to learn their history. The criteria for consideration for this award is that the book must be authored by an American writer and published in the country. In addition, the book must have focus on children or young adults and provide a fusion between historical facts and captivating ideas.
The Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction is a Canadian award that recognizes Canadian authors who focus their work on historical fiction for the young. It was first given in 1988 and overseen by a jury chosen by the Canadian Children's Book Centre. The criteria for choosing the winner of this award involves looking at an accurate description of the historical setting, originality of the story, suitability of the book to the intended audience and perfect development in characters and the plot.

The Glory Wind by Valerie Sherrard-Geoffrey - Bilson Award 2011
Historical facts told
The story in this book by Sherrard is set during the postwar period. This is when the World War II had ended, and most families had experienced losses of their loved ones who possibly fought in the war. It follows the experience of Luke and Grace, their relationship and that of Gracie’s mother. Their experiences are tied to likely events to have occurred in the postwar period.

No conflicts with historical records

It is difficult to place Valerie Sherrad’s book in an exact place in history since no real comparisons with events that occurred at that time is given. The author however correctly sets the story in circumstances of the first half of the twentieth century with a mixture of deep roots in religion and the advancement of secularization.

Present authentic settings

This criteria is met in Valerie Sherrard's The Glory Wind since the story is set in an authentic small rural town of Manitoba. The surrounding towns and places can be located with various features also described in the story which are verifiable today.

Portray characters accurately

The characters are well developed in Valerie Sherrard's The Glory Wind. The story of Luke is accurate given that it tells of a memory that the protagonist has about the past that he had. The story of Grace and her mother and the kind of relationship they have themselves and with the rest of the community is well captured and developed.

Provision of accurate information through illustrations

The story captures the life expected of a small town. Having been shaken by the events of the war and the effects of the war still being felt, the book shows how all these factors shape the lives of the characters. Religion is highly regarded at this time with secularism slowly creeping in, and everyone is trying to be involved with each other’s business.

Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis-Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction 2008

Historical facts told
The Elijah of Buxton story is set in 1860. This is a period on which the issues of racism highlighted in the story had reached their peak. The former slaves had resulted to social action in the call for the abolishment of slavery, and this effort was bearing fruit with some of the slaves being freed.
No conflicts with historical records
The story of Elijah by Christopher Paul Curtis fits the criteria of not conflicting with historical records. This is shown by the accurate description of Buxton, which offered a settlement for the former slaves. It follows the life of the boy who struggles to understand the difficulties and aspects associated with slavery. Through the interactions with others, the real events that occurred during this period are discussed.

Present authentic settings

The story of Elijah by Christopher Paul Curtis is set in Buxton, which can be found in Michigan State. Through the surroundings highlighted in the story and places where Elijah and his friends did their activities; this criteria is met. The author makes an effort of trying to make the setting real and identifiable in the present day.

Portray characters accurately

The characters in this story are well developed with the activities they indulge in line with their age. The interactions that Elijah has with other schoolmates are practical to their situation with their interactions and various clashes they have with each other being also well developed. Their conception of slavery and racism are developed to fit into the story.

Provision of accurate information through illustrations

Through Elijah, Curtis gives a clear description of slavery and racism as a whole. The reader establishes the issues that are involved in this matter thus meeting the criteria for this evaluation. For instance, due to the fear that former slaves Mr. Leroy advices Elijah on the choice of words that he should use in order to prevent clashes with them. Another point that shows accuracy is the kind of language that the author uses.
Brotherhood by A.B. Westrick - Jefferson Cup Award 2014
Historical facts told
The story of the brotherhood is set in an area of well-known extremist activity especially that associated with the KKK. The reasons shared that lead to people joining the group are well documented and verifiable through records.
No conflicts with historical records
Westrick through her story in the brotherhood gives a description of the occurrences during that time, and though this cannot be fully verified with records, the narrations are accurate.
Present authentic settings
This story fits this criteria since it is set in Richmond, Virginia during the post-Civil War period. This period was characterized by the increased activity by extremists especially on issues of slavery and racism.

Portray characters accurately

The portrayal of Shad in the brotherhood is in line with what is expected of the life of a young man. It follows the steps of a young man who in an effort of trying to fit into the group and become an adult joins the wrong groups. He faces the negative issues associated with it and other relationships such as that with the former slave girl that build up his mentality.

Provision of accurate information through illustrations

Through the brotherhood, Westrick takes the readers through the activities that the KKK usually indulges in. The activities of this group right from their ideologies and real reasons are covered in this story. These are aspects that also occur in the present day.

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