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3. Some have argued that the United States of America is a “Christian Nation.” What does that mean? Do you agree with such a disposition? Why or why not?
I do not support those who argue that the USA is a “Christian Nation”. Being “Christian Nation” means establish Christianity as “official” religion which is forbidden by laws. It is a fact that the majority of people in America probably identify themselves in terms of being Christians, but they resist the notion of “state” religion. Despite being agree with the fact that the Americans are not only secular but also religions nation, I oppose the idea of their being “Christian Nation.” American people are united under the governance of a provident God and they use religion as a vehicle to reinforce social ideas, but they can not be disposed as nation of one particular religion.
4. Can you think of certain nationalities in terms of their religious affiliations? What counts for more: their nationality or their religion in terms of how they relate to them?
I think that religion may be essential in defining the life of a nation. This means that in particular cases we may think of certain nationalities in terms of their religious affiliations. The most striking example is Saudi Arabia that declares itself to be an Islamic state. Its laws and regulations and house holding are derived from the religious law of Islamic tradition. However, such identification is less possible to be made in Great Britain, for example. The government supports the Anglican church but it does not have so much influence on the way the nation live. This means that religion in particular cases (predominantly if we talk about Persian Gulf, Middle East of North Africa countries) defines social group to the same extent that nationality does. Speaking about what counts for more, I think that in the above-mentioned regions religion has dominance. But if we talk about Western societies, nationality is more defining.

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