Good Critical Thinking On Aesthetic Reasoning

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Victor Moscoso, (1967) YoungbloodsPoster.

Object Description

The designer “Victor” of this piece of artwork applied different colors, for example, purple, green and dull green, blue, red, hot pink, orange, and the text in white color dominated which dominated this object. These Colors introduced a flat and spot background and it is brighter enough and strong in that the viewer can compare and comment on it. The artist used fluorescent design which contains fluorescent tubes as well as lines that run horizontally.
This design or artwork has been with a traditional touch, with blends flat spot background with a smooth landscape that indicates a well complete picture of an ancient traditional family. The artist tried to finish an impressive design that physically portrays the ideology of togetherness community.

Why I would not consider this object art or aesthetically valuable?.

Since the study of Aesthetic deals with a branch of philosophy that examines the nature of the artwork of our understanding of it. Therefore, I also claim that this object does not depict its beauty that has some logical properties, for example, symmetry, order, and proportion as well, (Osborne, 2013; Lopes, 2011). But it is experienced, and intuition is associated with human emotion and feelings. An Aesthetic object could not entail a combination of feelings, for example, grief, rage, suffering and joy as well. I also claim that there is or are no such object that like art, but there is only artists because each type of artwork differs in nature such as painting, poetry, music, and sculpture. The works of art usually refined forms of experience and not different from another territory of experience, (Moshagen et al. 2010).
Using Formalismprinciple to examine the object in a new way (an argument, which integrates facts about this object and the aesthetic principles), for why someone could consider the object art or aesthetically valuable.

Why someone could consider the object art or aesthetically valuable.

According to Moshagen et al. (2010), most people or critics think that the composition of art is the most significant element in the artwork. The concept of Formalismprinciple puts much emphasis on the formal qualities, the design and layout of the features of art applying the principles of art. Some people claim that the different artwork makes it difficult for people to explain all of them, (Bauckhage et al. 2010).

An argument, which integrates facts about this object and the aesthetic principles

The Formalism of art in this object
The effort in this artwork has been associated with a traditional touch, with blends of design background, displaying accomplished image or picture of a distant traditional family. The depiction, an attractive piece of artwork is physically linked to a team or unit of togetherness that provide a complete and peaceful environment. It is depicted with a smooth purple background which isolates the environment in which it represent with a transparent meaning that indicates a smooth landscape. This object appears medium in size, and the undiscovered pattern indicates receding shadows. The mural or painting is attractively distant, offering a physical form which indicates some journey that is promised by the family, (Osborne, 2013). The green and dull green, blue, red, hot pink, orange dressing in the foreground depicts a sense of peace. The hot pink and blue spotface in the background illustrates a gust of love.
The blue color and dull green inter-links the dark background creating unsuitable irregular patch that spread through into the whole design of the art. The object indicated in the group is incorporated with two hairy blue, dull green, hot pink and purple object employed in the family environment. The physical instincts have established the artwork to make the medium objects, as well as providing a clear dry, smooth landscape or background. This object that explores greatly on the family painting mimics the different traditions that family members embrace, (Lopes, 2011).

The object content

The piece of art offers a well-defined range of events that are exploring a family, its formation and the environment indicating people’s relationships as it shows two people or pictures joining as a whole. The art also provides an important environment for most people looking for stylish works, and its reflection is regarded to a bond, the aim to create a common goal and objective as well. In the background, the two objects or images depicts love, peace, and unity, something that is significant to small unit of family. The dull green and blue color indicates a silent environment within which all people of different classes are looking for in the society. The particular tone blended throughout the object establishes the background of the painting in this object, (Moshagen et al. 2010).
The art throws back melted smooth purple background which creates harmony and peace. The object is interesting because it is important for developing fashion and women style, and it improves people’s understanding of the usefulness of the painting. The colors indicated in the background are ideal for originality, and the label which does not fully establish a touch also give family history, formation, and liveliness in the community.
This piece of artwork was selected specifically because it has a natural impression, differentiated from other existing pieces artwork. The effect of the painted edges provides a standing sustained and the lower where human is positioned to explore a natural environment in the community, and hence developing a powerful and important integration of the pieces of artwork.
This artwork also offers moral information concerning the outline of the certain niches particularly where the background is receded, and where the edges are elaborated. More attention is created with stream originality and by working on this piece of design work. It provides a result that depicts modernity, and which exceed beyond our perceptions, understanding, experience and interpretations as well, (Lopes, 2011).


The artwork is, therefore, suitable for a house decoration and by creating a relevant choice to our culture and how it provides an influence on people’s style, fashion and lives, we can now benefit from these objects positively. By experiencing the needs of the human, for example, coming together as a unit. We can examine and analyze what every family in the community need to stay together as a whole, (Osborne, 2013).
Every art provides its principles for the aesthetic understanding and judgment that all the artwork cannot be illustrated similarly under the same category. I also argue that aesthetics is elitist because it typically sets the basis for all artwork. But there is no specific group that could provide judgment about all artwork, (Moshagen et al. 2010). Most of the artworks are generated in social aspects with recognized values of people who are different in their race, ethnicity, beliefs and understanding of the art world, (Bauckhage et al. 2010).

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