Argumentative Essay On Death Penalty Should Be Abolished Nation Wide

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Published: 2020/11/25

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The Death Penalty Should be Abolished Nationwide

The local laws in their own ways all over the world deal with criminals. In the older days and even today in some countries, people are killed as punishment for a crime considered heinous and sometimes even for something considered as minor stray actions by other countries. In the United States, there are 32 states where death penalty is still legal while 18 have recognized and legislated as illegal. Capital punishment should be declared and legislated as illegal in all the states of the US. It is an inhumane act and hence should not be practiced by the governments of any state in the US. United States inhabits a diverse opinion on the matter of whether people should be put to eternal sleep for their wrongful actions or should they be given second chance and a chance to at least live through their natural life even if it is behind bars. Those who argue in favor of capital punishments to prevail in the United States say that prisons would get stacked up to the ceiling and state will have to bear enormous expenses of people who are imprisoned. However, they give a leeway to those who have committed minor actions but say that others with crimes like rape, murder and extortion should meet their fate in the form of death. I, however, have a different opinion and believe that there should always be a room for mending ways and to correct one. It is high time that the state governments should legitimize capital punishment as illegal as this violates human rights.
Firstly, the purpose of giving capital punishments is to give a strong message to the public telling them they would meet the same fate upon committing the same crime, statistics prove that such punishment does not teach them anything. In the years of late 1990, ranging from 1990 through 1999 the rate of capital punishments kept on increasing starting in 1990 from 23 and reaching almost 100 in the year 1999. Hence, the rationale given in favor of this is clearly vague. Experts believe that the victims of a crime, the committee of which is sentenced to death never feel ease of mind after a person to have been killed for their justice (Rogers, 2011). Nothing is going to undo an act of rape nor is something going to bring back the murdered but at least the one life that has committed such a crime can be saved to make a difference between the two actions (Death Penalty Info 2015).
Another argument in opposition to the laws of execution in the United States is that it always a cruel action to take by a government. The electric chairs and beds used for the purpose that are called to be more humane than the old hung till death method are actually not quite so. Medicinal experts believe that people who are to be executed often times do not die as comfortably as claimed and pass through enormous pain, making it a very cruel act. In addition, the capital punishment is actually encouraging crimes of the minor sort, as people now only fear the death and nothing else but it (Flamehorse, 2013). While in their death cell, criminals get tortured without or without effort from prison staff. Psychologists believe that the feeling of being executed in a short period triggers abnormal behaviors and actions in the prisoners causing them to bring harm to inmates and guards before death. In addition, just the feel is enough in my views to bring someone back to a more acceptable behavior (Death Penalty Info 2015).
The biggest argument that the people who favor the death penalty is that state governments have to face a lot of expenses as they care for prisoners that keep on increasing in count. Saying this, would mean to one day even give up on old homes and childcare facilities that are in that case nothing more than white elephants of the state? What is meant to say here are that all the elements of society, whether productive or destructive are parts of it after all and must be taken care of by the state under all the circumstances. There are several examples of how some people who were executed turned out to be rather innocent in the future and hence their judicial murder was criticized a lot. The point is that it is never safe to say when the knowledge of the court is rendered incomplete.


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