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Leadership and Development Model of NASA

NASA Leadership Model is shown below:
It can be found that NASA Leadership Model considers five roles, namely influence leader, team leader, 1st line supervisor, manager and executive, who according to above figure performs specific tasks, which are based on particular criteria and their components. All roles have some common and different characteristics. For example, all of them work to build trust and supportive relationships as regards others and consider the safety as top of mind. At the same time, influence leader maintains and increases his/her competence to advance excellence, team leader concentrates his/her efforts on the team competence, 1st line supervisor – the function of organization’s unit and manager and executive sustain and grow the capability of the entire organization (NASA, n.d.).
Such model creates positive climate in the organization because it is clear in what areas leader should be competent and how he/she should behave. Depending on one of the criteria (discipline competency, personal effectiveness or business acumen) specified leader should follow defined procedure.
Behavioral approach to the leadership assessment focuses on leadership style, which refers to a set of specific methods and techniques used by the head in the management. NASA prepared the scale for the assessment of behavior on different items. After the careful assessment of personal behavior in relation to every item, the average score for complete self-evaluation is displayed. Thus, it is possible to get suggestions for the leadership development by defined criteria.
In general, behavioral approaches of leadership have contributed to increased attention to teaching of effective behaviors. The task of the organization was represented not only by the necessity to recognize an effective leader in the selection of personnel, but also to teach him/her the skills to successfully manage people. An important contribution of the behavioral approach to the theory of leadership is that it has helped to analyze and draw up a classification of leadership styles.

Leader’s Position in Regency Hotel Miami

In the hospitality industry leader is seen as a hospitable owner, who is always happy to welcome guests and ready to make concessions to the guests in order to make them cozy and comfortable in his establishment. Such a public profile is referenced by many, if not most hoteliers and restaurateurs in the world. Leaders have moved from the back to the front, and now not only perform their administrative functions to ensure the activities of the facility, but literally bring the object into the action thanks to their charisma and temperament. In addition to the role of owner, they show their hobbies, such as golf, gastronomy, wines and other “classical” hobbies.
The position of Director of Operations as Regency Hotel Miami leader requires from Mr. Jose Miguel Batista De Pool to be well-trained in order to fight for the interests of the company and make it the leading one. Having the experience of more than five years at Regency Hotel Miami and additional 15 years, he did great job and achieved positive results by being in charge of the Hotel General Operations, F&B, Executive Housekeeping, Front Office, Engineering and Revenue Management. Only being decisive, empathic, focused, optimistic and inspired he could hold a position of respective leader and professional manager. Mr. Jose Miguel Batista De Pool is very educated with proper training on Operations Management, Revenue Management, Customer Service, Teamwork & planification (LinkedIn, 2015). He has participated in many different workshops, agreements and seminaries. Based on the fact that the hotel has created an environment, where members and their team managers can communicate freely to solve problems and contribute in decision-making, the Director of Operations is very communicative and open-minded. Speaking both languages, Spanish and English, he demonstrates his ability to attract different customers.
However, his role is not limited to his personal qualities and skills. As the leader he should concentrate his vision on the further motivation of subordinates. The most effective system of employee motivation is “motivation for the result”. The results of the staff shall be determined by KPIs. KPI and motivation can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. Most theorists of motivation systems have come to the conclusion that the only motivation for the result is the perfect system, because it substantiates the remuneration payment to business and enables employees to receive and increase revenue in a clear dependence to the effort.

Development Plan

At some stage of professional development worker understands that only narrow professional knowledge to solve his assigned tasks is not enough and the desire to acquire the skills already from other professional fields and spheres of life appears. Thus, a person comes to the need to attend trainings which, in turn, affect both his professional development and his personal development, skills learned in training, successfully used in professional work and in personal life.
In order to make a good professional development plan for a certain period, it is necessary first of all to answer, and put into writing answers to the following questions:
- What are the goals the person sets for himself for a certain period? Career goals may appear as a simple list with a description, but at the same time each goal should be “smart”: specific (accurate), measurable (be quantified); achievable (be realistic); resulting (be effective) and time (Sigma Assessment Systems, Inc., 2015).
- What are the tasks the person sets for himself for this period? Tasks arise from set goals. That is, in this case, the tasks should constitute a means of achieving the goal. Solution set for a (primarily) tasks should every time you zoom in to the cherished goals (or even dreams!).
- What are his plans, priorities? Compilation of work plans, schedules of work with clear and prioritized and sequence of completion – is the list of works (most detailed), the implementation of which will solve the tasks. These works (as well as the goal) should be “smart”.
- What do the person intends to take to implement these plans? That is how much effort he needs to make, what actions to do to accomplish the designated work plans.


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