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Key to the success of advertisements is their power to convince and convey their message to their target market. For the target market, it is important to understand what the main point advertisements seek to establish. For the advertisers, the essence of knowing how to catch the attention of their target market is internalized in all advertisements they create. At the center of advertisements are, of course, the products being advertised – how they are packaged and presented to the target market are important considerations advertisers have.
Understanding to the fullest extent the power of advertisements to convince and convey thus requires the analysis of at least one example. Such is the objective of this study, using the unofficial yet popular DHL advertisement called The Trojan Box. A combination of clever and innovative measures meant to take advantage of competitors, in what was widely reputed as a classic case of guerilla advertising, has made it very powerful in sufficiently providing a positive image for DHL.

Rhetorical Situation of the Advertisement

In the opening parts of The Trojan Box, the narrator dictates directly what DHL is all about. By asserting that “DHL is faster” in providing courier services, the narrator has provided a proper prelude to the advertisement, saying that “to communicate [DHL is faster] with a classic advertising campaign is expensive.” In that regard, the narrator reveals that, and justifies why the advertisement had to involve competitors such as UPS and TNT in order to communicate the message “DHL is faster.” Of course, the advertisement did not directly involve the competitors, as the narrator discloses that it used their services “to advertise for DHL.” Doing so, as the advertisement has exposed, required the use of “Trojan boxes” wrapped in thermoactive foil printed with the message “DHL is faster.” Prior to shipping, the Trojan boxes were stored under below-freezing temperatures, which produced the eponymous effect of concealing the superimposing yellow-and-red prints temporarily by turning them to a pitch-black color. In that particular part alone, the narrator has effectively presented the ingenuity of the advertisement, one that has won it a significant amount of attention from its target market – people who use courier services (“DHL is Faster Commercial - The Trojan Box”).
Towards the middle of the advertisement, the narrator firmly establishes the tomfoolery it intends to produce. As the Trojan boxes naturally turn back to their original red-and-yellow colors as they were stored under above-freezing temperatures, the advertisement shows bares its most hilarious part – couriers from competitors being unaware of advertising for their rival DHL. From innovation to wittiness, the advertisement created a brilliant transition of conveying the message “DHL is faster” across its target market by appearing to directly involve competitors, despite being unaware of such a ploy. One may take such a stunt as an attempt by the advertisement to show that not only is DHL a better courier in terms of faster shipping, but also in terms of being clever enough to outsmart its competitors. To outsmart competitors, in this context, is highlighted in a positive way, as it sends out a message packaging DHL as an inventive brand that stands out in terms of delivering courier services. To make DHL stand out from its competitors in courier services – an industry that may sound too simplistic, has been the goal of the advertisement, and it has succeeded in doing so, to say the least (“DHL is Faster Commercial - The Trojan Box”).
With “DHL is faster” now revealed to have been boldly emblazoned on the Trojan boxes, the couriers of competitors were made to ship them “to addresses in the city that were not that easy to find.” Interestingly, the advertisement skillfully showed how well its creation – from the innovative strategies employed to the clear-cut message, has been planned. Although the rather mischievous nature of the advertisement has been the main point of its reputation for clever yet effective hilarity, it was its clean execution that made it especially interesting for the target market. To say the least, the advertisement conducted guerilla advertising in a very sensible manner, in a way that played by the rules without expressly pulling down the competitors. As the straight-talking narrator has said, “after all, [the couriers of competitors] were paid reasonably.” What the advertisement pointed out is that in trying to get competitors to advertise for DHL, it used their services to the fullest extent. That way, no rules were bent. Instead, innovation and wittiness unfolded their way along the rules. Such has understandably influenced the target market into thinking that DHL shrewdly plays by the rules in delivering courier services (“DHL is Faster Commercial - The Trojan Box”).
Towards the end of the advertisement, the narrator paid gratitude for the couriers of competitors that have been conned – a gesture of respect that gives DHL the image of being a good sport. At the same time, one of the couriers – that of UPS, made a last-ditch effort to conceal the “DHL is faster” text on the Trojan box he is shipping. Such scenes are open to different kinds of interpretation. Firstly, one may say that DHL openly accepts the competition it is in, notwithstanding the fact that it is, like all other competitors, aiming to become the best in delivering courier services. The mere fact that the advertisement has been well-played to involve competitors speak much about how DHL is accepting of the competitive milieu it is in. Secondly, there is also an understanding that the advertisement intends to show that competitors are threatened by DHL. The clever trick played by the advertisement is, in itself, a testament to the clever image of DHL, as counteracted by the Trojan box rewrapped by the UPS courier. Lastly, it could also be said that DHL humbly yet confidently recognizes its position as a leader in courier services, judging by the way it has played on the good sport image following the mischievous yet sensible way competitors have been made to advertise on its behalf. Overall, it is clear that the advertisement, albeit unofficially, has successfully portrayed DHL as a trustworthy brand for courier services, albeit in a humorously nontraditional manner, as the narrator himself consistently remarked (“DHL is Faster Commercial - The Trojan Box”).


Producing the same clever idea perfectly executed by the advertisement of DHL requires proper planning and fruitful utilization of communication skills. Resource-wise, the advertisement was able to hit two birds with one stone – achieve cost-efficiency while involving light-heartedness through the responsible usage of services its competitors offer. In that way, the advertisement gave competitors no reason to protest, as the proper usage of their courier services promptly tested their professionalism in light of the hilarity that slowly unfolded right in front of them. Ergo, the advertisement not only satisfied the basics of advertisement – effective brand communication and effective focus on the target market, as it also employed innovation and wittiness to produce a message that is both endearing for consumers and helpful for building the positive image of DHL. Guerilla advertising – in the case of the advertisement, was thus executed in a very sensible manner.

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