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Two Activities That Are Interesting or Helpful, and Why

I believe the pursuit of academics to the highest level of education as a fundamental pillar in achieving overall success in life as being one of the vital activities in my life. Education is interesting and helpful to an individual in that education improves the student’s skills as well as his or her overall knowledge. Also importantly, I believe that education should be appreciated, as it is a means to an end and usually can be used to delineate poverty.
Education is helpful in that it helps create a purposeful life for an individual as well as promote enlightenment in a person’s life. This is through helping an individual learn more about the world and themselves. I also believe that the pursuit of education to the highest levels of education in the society is the best investment that an individual would rather make because it opens opportunity doors to individuals who ultimately defines their level of satisfaction.
I believe education is helpful in that it helps individuals conduct themselves in a more civilized manner as well as help out individuals raise relevant and pertinent issues in the society as well as solve them. Education is critical as it helps an individual develop the new perspective of looking at life as well help them resonate, build candid points and opinions on others and other aspects of life.
I believe that taking time to participate in exercise activity is an important part of our life that helps us relieve the excess energy and negative energy into some constructive activities. Exercising is important in that it helps an individual become fit and healthier, in general. Exercising is important in relieving everyday stress levels as well as a mechanism to make individuals network and interact with others. Also importantly, exercising is one major way of ensuring that we have fun with our friends as well as lighten our moods (Health Discovery, 2015).

Activities That Were Most Difficult, And Why.

I found it difficult to follow my exercising schedules on a daily routine. In most instances, I would miss my exercises due to lack of time as well as my mental attitude towards exercising. I find exercising the little bit difficult in the essence that is energy consuming and at the same time tiring. Considering the fact I am always tired by the end of the day’s activities, I always find myself creating other self-relaxing activities in order to avoid doing the exercise, in general.
I do not like school activities a lot, and therefore I find myself not working as hard as I would love due to my attitude toward some school activities. I believe I will improve on this with time.

Benefits of These Strategies to a Student and an Employee

As a student I believe the time to study, exercising will help me achieve my academics goals and long-term goal of being independent as well as healthier and fitter. Also, important education will change will expose to better opportunities in the future. Exercising will help me relieve my daily stress level and channel all the negative energy to stay focused on life. Also importantly, the aspect of procrastination that hinders me from undertaking certain activities on time e.g. tests and homework
As an employee, pursuit of education will open promotion opportunities as well as improve my skills and levels of competency at the work environment. As an employee, exercising will help in having fun with my friend and lightening my mood as well reduce the stress levels. Exercising will occupy my time and, therefore, reduce the amount of time that I would engage in non-value addition activities.

An Area That Need Improvement in My Life

The procrastination issue that makes me miss tests, homework’s, and other deadlines is an area in my life that needs improvement. I would love to change this particular area in my life and develop a complete change of the behavior plan. Changing the behavior would involve, recognition of the fact that I am a procrastinating, working on why I am procrastinating and lastly adoption of various anti – procrastination strategies. Various anti- procrastination strategies I would adopt would include; creating a to-do list, prioritizing tasks, asking someone to check on me, setting time-bound tasks etc. (Riegel and Deborah, 2013). In order to seek support in solving my procrastination problem from people, I will ensure that I share with them my schedule so that they can do a follow up later on.


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