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Coaching refers to educating players and availing them with opportunities that enhance their personal growth and development. The primary role of coaching is assisting athletes to know and employ what works for them in their career. In most cases, coaching should be athlete-centered as this gives the athlete opportunity to decide what to do on their own.
As a coach for American football, my athlete-centered coaching philosophy that aligns with an ethical approach to the goals an organization is that, I dwell on asking questions and helping athletes find their solutions. My philosophy focuses on the development and achievement of the objectives of both the athlete and the team. Additionally, it encompasses developing the athlete physically, mentally, socially and technically. It also views the athlete as a group of individuals having individual needs. The philosophy prepares the athlete to have self-awareness, able to decide wisely and eventually correct themselves (Carlstedt, 2012).
In order to manage the behavior of an athlete to be consistent with the athlete-centered coaching philosophy, there is much that needs to be done. First, allow them to think critically and make their decisions without being coerced or thought on behalf. Let there be democracy in their operations. Additionally, engage them in their social, political, economic and spiritual growth. Give them the advice they need in case they come for my help among others. Such approaches will assist in their behavior to be consistent with the athlete-centered philosophy (Carlstedt, 2012).
American Football refers to a game whose goal is scoring points through carrying the ball from starting point to a specially marked ten-yard-deep area that is at either end of the field. The end point is called an end zone. Each of the teams uses the end zones that are front of them to score and also to try to prevent the opposing team from reaching the end zone that is behind them. Each end zone possesses a Y-shaped structure that is called the goal post positioned on the end line. The purpose of goal posts is being used to score points having special kicks. The end zone which a team is defending is mostly called “their” end zone. In the American Football, before every game starts, four players (captains) from each of the teams meet especially at the middle of the field and familiarize themselves about and the rules and guidelines of the game. They also decide the team that gets the ball first. During the game, coaches of the playing teams meet at the center of the field and shake hands after the game. If the game is involving high school players, they also shake hands after the end of the game. Additionally, during the game, the teams are provided with the same resources as the host team. Players do not stay especially on their sidelines during the game. The field goal is equal to three points. Field goals are mostly attempted on fourth down if the kicker is closer to the end zone to kick the ball through the posts. (Carlstedt, 2012).
Gamesmanship refers to the principle of enjoying an activity of sport with the considerations of respect, ethical concerns and fairness to others. On the other hand, sportsmanship refers to the principle of adhering to a code of conduct within the sport or game. It is all about winning the game or sport without any violation of the rules of the match (Carlstedt, 2012). Also, the violation of the game encourages a penalty. This kind of incident happened during the national football league’s (NFL) in 2007 in the “deflate-gate" saga. The New England Patriots were found videotaping the opposing coaches in the game, and the videotaping controversy was known widely as Spygate. They were found taping the jet’s couches which are illegal. The New England Patriots were disciplined by imposing the maximum fine to them (Jones, 2015).
Personal competitive orientation refers to one’s self-behavior. It is, thus, significant for me as a coach to understand the various individual directions that players or athletes possess. I need also to understand mine and know how I can effectively use it. I tend to be more interested in those athletes who have self-drive, discipline and hard work (Carlstedt, 2012).
Football game as a sport is usually fair. It encourages equity in the field and hence advancement of fairness is determined by the referees. Also, it is healthy. It promotes physical fitness thus improving in the physical development of the individuals. Finally, it is athlete-centered. The coach doesn’t dictate over the athletes. They are involved in decision-making and do what they think is right (Carlstedt, 2012). The rules of football ensure the game to remain fair play. For example the New England patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who was found videotaping was fined $500,000. The NFL Commissioner roger Goodell described the scene as illegal, violation of the league rules defined to encourage fair play and promote honest competition on the playing field (Jones, 2015).
In conclusion, there are various sports, coaching techniques and athletes. The choice of the game depends on one’s passion. People should also consider that the sports have different unwritten codes that are applied. The coaches should embrace strategies such as athlete-centered so as to advance fairness and equity.


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