Essay On Film 110 – Journal #1 The Hollywood Movie

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Hollywood movie industry has gone through various stages of transition and modification. The classical period was most probably the most defining moment of the film industry as the movies centered on a particular theme. Hollywood was introduced top the film industry to redefine film by focusing on subjects that were considered to be of interest to the audience. It was just a period when the country was going through various economic and social changes and the need to communicate a particular message. Western civilization was taking shape in the continent and it was hence vital for the film industry to promote the art of western civilization. Most of the classical Hollywood movies revolved around the issue of intercultural relationships and how the characters managed or failed in their pursuit for intercultural love relationships.
The Hollywood classical period was inspired by the influx of immigrants from various backgrounds. Amidst the issue f racial segregation and discrimination, the American film industry saw a perfect opportunity to bring reality into play. This helped in communicating the message of togetherness and showing an audience what was hidden behind skin color and culture. The film industry provided a perfect opportunity to teach people about different cultural back grounds and hence eliminating some of the stereotypes that were held against them. the movies showed some of the challenges that the American society went through even as they integrated numerous cultures to boost its economic situation. The rich culture of the American society is reveled in the classical movies, which has hence been diluted by a focus of many other issues and ideas. A comparison of the classical movies and whet we now sees shows a clash in family values and relationships.

Film 110 – Journal #2 A Short History of Film

The American film industry has indeed gone through a transformation that has seen a shift in the themes addressed, how they are addressed and the technology used. There is no better way of summarizing the events that took place over a hundred years ago than having a handbook for the same. There are some names in ancient film industry that most people could associate with. Those were great names of Hollywood that were sure to rock every cinema hall as people streamed in their hundreds just to have a taste of good drama. Some of such names include Muybridge, Marey, The Lumiere Brothers, Thomas Edison, Georges Melies, Alice Guy Blache and Edwin S. Porter. The characters helped in transforming the film industry and aided in making film what we know it today. Those were the days when film was as good as raw due to minimum technological interference that were put into it.
There were no much personalities in the industries to take care of the issues that are currently considered important but ignored in the classical times. The book provides a good summary for the film makers, students of cinematography and other movie lovers to appreciate the history of the film industry. The message of the book also helps modern film makers to test their skills by integrating some of the classical styles of film with modern ones and hence making the film industry more entertaining and informative. The difference conveyed in the literature reveals the importance that culture, gender and relationships play in creating a movie. It is important for movie producers to focus on the issues of great importance in the society and therefore coming up with a movie that the targeted audience can relate to.

Film 110 – Journal #3

The film in focus is Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat which was made in 1935. The pioneer of the film was Louis Lumière who transformed the movie from 2D to 3D. The rebranding of the film and the transformation that it went through played an important role in movie theatre that made everyone rise up on their feet. It was one the 3D experience that the audience had which transformed the film industry for the years that followed. It literally seemed like a live event where people in the movie theatres could literally see a train speeding towards them.
The film marked a new dimension in the film industry and added more meaning to moving objects. The movie remains one of the landmarks of history by revealing how a film can be transformed into reality by making the audience feel part of the shooting. Even though the movie was shown in black and white colors, it proved that cinema could move from what we knew it to what it is now. People can now relate better to theatre through drama.
Watching the movie and reading the reviews that people had towards it I observed a lot of changes that have taken place in the filed of technology and the film industry to give the customers the best. I was however thrilled at how the 3D motion pictures thrilled the audience then. It is amazing that what is now considered to be normal was a thrill to the audience many years ago. I can picture the scare and the terror that filled the audience in a movie theatre at the thought that the train was actually going to run through them. The 3D creativity made the audience feel that they were inside the movie and therefore relating with the characters.

Film 110 – Journal #4

The film a trip to the moon focuses on some of the early attempts by scientists to explore space and the challenges they encountered. The movie is filled with imaginations of what the early visitors to the moon encountered and what has inspired more explorers to visit the moon and other planets in space. The Great Train Robbery is an example of a classic action movie where a gang hijacks a train and robs its passengers of their belongings and other valuables. They shoot a passenger who tries to escape and run away for safety. The Cutting Edge is a sporty yet romantic movie that takes us through the life of two hockey players whose working relationship ended up in a romantic love affair. The three movies take us through different dimensions of classic film and showing how modern cinema is simply a development of ideas that were previously shown in cinema halls.
The editing of the movies was done to connect classical fiction with scientific developments. For instance, a trip to the moon diverts the attention of the audience from the moon experience they know to traditional fiction where the explorers encounter gods and other mysteries that are associated with fiction literature. The cutting edge on the other hand diverts the attention of the audience from the action filled scenes of robbery to some comic relief where a man dances as he engages the gang in a shootout battle. The last film has also been edited to make it more interesting by shifting from the subject of sports to romance. The editing criteria that was used by the film producers was aimed at making the film lively and interesting and at the same time revealing that some incidences are interconnected and that the environment cannot always be the same.

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