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Published: 2020/12/24

My nervousness increases as the buzz of delight keep on increasing around me. I have never seen so many smiling faces and colors at the same time. Or perhaps, I am noticing them the first time. The happy chatter and the excited voices can energize anyone at the moment, but not me. The more I try to take my mind away from the events that are going to take place that evening, the more I am thinking about them. I try to count backward from hundred to divert my mind, but to no avail. Every now and then, one of my class fellows comes to me and involves in some chat. However, I am too preoccupied to reply. My mind is going over the hundreds of sleepless nights that I had invested to make this day happen.
The guests are still moving around. I spot my family at the back, but they do not see me. My nervousness doubles when I imagine myself receiving my degree in front of my parents. As if the person behind the sound system has listened to the thumping of my heart, he plays a song and starts raising the volume gradually. The huge speakers make the beat of the song compel the audience to listen. I heave a sigh of relief because at least now, no one will be able to hear my heart palpitating.
Now the guests are seated. The voices start to dim down, and the fast song turns into a soft melodious tune. Some guests peek to see the preparations being finalized on the stage for the occasion to begin. The stage has been decorated with huge pictures of our days as students. In one of the pictures, my best friend is sticking her tongue out. Another friend is deeply involved in a water fight. At another place, we are all sitting in the exam hall writing furiously. In one picture, I am covered with yellow paint while my friend is laughing so hard that he has tears in his eyes. The sight of all these pictures takes me back down the memory lane.
The occasion begins and after a while, our names are called one by one. As the speaker takes my name, I pluck up the courage to move forward in order to mark the end of another wonderful journey of my life. While I walk, I hear a thunderous clap that resonates. I feel a river of joy inside my heart at having achieved something to be proud of. I try to spot my parents in the crowd and see my sister trying to capture this moment permanently with her video camera. I am overwhelmed with so many emotions, mixed with the sound of the clap and the hooting of my fellows. The chief guest who is handing me the degree wishes me congratulations, and in a whisper, I say thank you. A sumptuous meal follows the award distribution. Having forgotten my nervousness, I decide to eat something to rejuvenate myself. I have the choice of rice with baked potatoes, mouth-watering steaks, jalapeno burgers and sausage pizzas.
I go over to my family to meet share the lunch with them. Their reaction takes me by surprise. My mother hugs me while my father keeps holding to my hand. They say that they are proud to have been alive to see me at this point of life. They are happy that they have raised a good child. My mind that was so restless a while ago was finally at peace, delighted to be in the place it was.

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