Big Data Challenges For Data Management For Nhs Trust London Critical Thinkings Examples

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Published: 2020/12/25

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1. A description of the topic common to the articles along with an explanation of why this topic is of relevance to the data management community and (if applicable) to your organization. (Recommendation: 300words)
In the present age of 21st century, data acts as the lifeblood for any organization. In other words, some of the researchers have termed data to be the tangible asset of an organization. As per the thinking of the post era entrepreneurism assets are the only money and valuable people which helps the organizations to run its operations, but in present days the meaning of asset for the organization has added up with the data and information that has become an important and the most valuable asset for an organization to seek success in long run (Mosley and Brackett, 2010). Database management has become an important aspect for any organization. It is important for the organization to manage its data and information in a proper and better way for the future to support the operation of the organization. For conducting this research and analyze the problems of data management NHS trust has been chosen that is situated in London. This trust covers a huge population of London and has decided to use a new System for referring the adults who are above 18 years of age through a network system. This system helps the organization to maintain the GP records and serve the patients in a better way. This system is used to maintain the database of the continence patients. At present day, the organization needs to maintain more and more data to serve the society and continue the research on the solutions of the problems of the society that has led the organization to face a problem of management of big data (Big Data Literature Search, 2014). As the society is growing day by day, the amount of data is also growing that is making the present system incapable of maintaining the huge data and has generated the need of a solution to the problem of managing big data.
2. A summary of each article. (Recommendation: 400words)
For studying and understanding the problem of the organization for managing big data and providing solution to the problems three literature sources have been studied. The first article describes a procedure of systematic flow of huge data that are processed through cloud computing. Here in this literature the key elements of big data management is discussed like computer architecture, cloud storing facility, better data processing frameworks and other major applications that helps in big data management. It explains what actually big data management is and what kind of problem an organization faces with the big data management system. It can be understood from the article that big data is not a new term and is one of the major challenges for the organization to work with. It provides the explanation of the problems and explains how those problems can be solved in the organizations to maximize the big data processing in the organization. The organization can use different cloud computing systems to store its huge data and information and can use new techniques of online processing of data that will reduce the burden on the organization as well as reduce the pressure of managing huge amount of data (JI et al., 2012). The first article in short provides information and solution to the problem of data processing.
The second article is a study made on big data and management of big data. It provides the information about what big data is and what kind of problem the organization can face in the management of big data. The article provides ideas about how big data can be used to management research and other medical research. It provides basic idea of what big data is and what are the general sources of big data. It provides solution to the problems of sharing big data and maintaining the privacy and ethical issues related to the big data (BIG DATA AND MANAGEMENT, 2014). This article mainly deals with providing the solution to the big data issue like problems of analyzing and computation of big data. It says that through proper research about the management strategy of big data, the loop holes of the management system can be understood and necessary steps can be taken to minimize the problems. It is important to conduct continues management research to know the better way of managing big data. Through continuous research of the management system and proper analysis of the big data better solutions can be developed for sharing and management data that can solve the problems of the organization for big data management.
In the third article, the harnessing of big data has been discussed that says that with the growing need of managing big data the employment opportunity for the IT professionals has increased. This is because they are the experts of managing and developing systems to manage big data. The security is the main issue for big data management. It says how the big databases of the organizations are vulnerable to high risk of hacking. That brings forward the need of a better security system that can be developed and managed by only expert IT professionals. This article mainly emphasis on the issue of the IT professional and how they can be used in organization to develop the system of better security for big database management. It is important for the organizations to have skilled workforce that is capable of maintaining the big data and information of the company and is capable of using the new cloud computing system and developing the system for the organization (Dinu and Iovan, 2014). With increasing market demand for skill employees and expert IT professionals there comes a fall in supply of the expert professionals.
3. A comparison, contrastive analysis and evaluation of each article’s contribution to the topic you’ve identified. (Recommendation: 500words)
All the three articles that are mentioned here that are “Harnessing big data volumes”, “Big data and management” and “Big data challenges and opportunities” are quite similar to each other as they represent big data management but at the same time all the articles are quite different from each other which are compared, analyzed and evaluated. Here in this section the basic ideas communicated in the articles are used and analyzed to compare them and evaluate them to understand whether the solutions suggested in the articles are capable of solving the problems of the organizations for improving the big data management system. The ideas presented in the articles are cross checked by placing it in real life situations and an analysis is made with the ideas working in the real life environment. From the analysis the comparison and evaluation of the ideas are made to know the best suited options for solving the problems of the organization in big data management system.
The harnessing big data volumes analyzes the data that is hidden within the variety of data that helps in finding the social insights, information, benchmarks and other facts that are quite impossible to be found inexistent. The technique allows large volumes of data to be maintained in an organization along with complete potential that contain all the external and the internal information of the organization. The big data concept helps in taking quick decisions and innovative ideas to help the valuable customers in the society. The big data technique and the product catalogue helps the customers to harness the value of the big data volumes along with the technological and the technical issues that comes up with it in handling these big data volume in the global environment. Whereas in case of big data management all the relevant sources of data are analyzed according to proper methodologies so that they are easily acceptable and managed by the scholars (Alam, 2014). The typical concept of big data management is to rely on the value of p and at the same time establish valuable volumes of data that are quite effective and significant. The process also uses several statistical tools to analyze these data as it is quite easy to find out the false factor of correlation. The challenge of analyzing the big data is to move beneath the patterns of correlation and explore the causalities of the big data. The data are often unstructured and often helps in analyzing and observing the possibilities of the above mentioned causalities. The detailed information on these relationships is available indifferent data sets that also represent the statistical relation. The additional usage of the big data helps in further implications of the societies and the communities for spreading the patterns of the big data. The high volume data further helps us to understand the different behaviors in respect to the data collection method than can easily transform big data management theories and its practices. Finally in the article named “Big data challenges and opportunities” it is stated that the growth of several applications in the sensor network or in the social network applications provides a wide range of data to be processed, Hence effective processing and management of the data is a critical challenge for the users (Big data could be big, 2011). The concept of big data has attracted many industries, academic centers and the government as well. The most important quotient is the data processing techniques along with its application. The article covers the concept of distributed file system, data virtualization, data storage and its other applications. It also follows the map reduce pattern policies for framework and its optimization strategies. Hence we can clearly explore the research sights of big data processing in its near future and also in the environment of cloud computing.
4. A discussion of the extent to which the ideas set out in the articles might or might not be used to change policy and/or practice in data management, along with suggestions as to how any change might be incorporated. (Recommendation: 1300words)
4.1 Big Data Management
Through recent research it has been found that most of the organization faces the same problem of big data management system. it has been found through research that the organization mainly faces the problem of system performance, network connectivity architecture and congestion and scalability of the data (Hu and Kaabouch, n.d.). It has been suggested by researchers that the commercial systems used for database management are not suitable for processing and managing big data. Another issue that the organizations face is the problem of security of database of the organization. It is important for the organization to maintain the security level for the database for the betterment of the organization for solving this kind of problems the organization needs the help of the IT professionals. With the classical system architecture the organization cannot manage its huge amount of data because of the increasing workload and the limited capacity of the architecture. Hence there comes the need to solve the major problems of maintaining and managing big data that is really important for the organization (Dong and Srivastava, 2015). As it is already known that the chosen organization that is NHS is health service proving trust that collects and needs to maintain big data of the community to which it provides its services. As the population of the community is increasing, the amount of data is also rising along with the problems of managing the huge data.
4.1.1 Key problems for the organization
As the organization needs to maintain a huge amount of data it faces lots of problem with the old traditional system. For this reason it needs to develop the system and policies for maintaining big data. Some of the major problems the organization faces in managing big data are as follows:
Storage and management of big data: The increasing rate of the big data is not satisfied with the increasing rate of the storage and management capacity of the big data. It is been found through research that the organization faces the problem of storing and managing big data with the traditional system and that is the major problem of the organization in maintaining big database. With the traditional system and model of database management the organization faces a huge problem of storing the big data that has led to the need of a better storing and management system for the organization.
Analysis and computation of big data: For analyzing a huge amount of data the most important requirement is speed of the analysis system. With the traditional system the organization spends a lot of time in analyzing the huge amount of data for solving any queries related to the data. Hence it leads to wastage of time and makes the organization defaulter in competing with other organizations using better technologies to analyze the data. This brings forward the need of additional and better computation system that will speed up the analytical capacity of the organization for managing its big data (Zwitter, 2014).
Security of big data: Another major problem that the organization faces is the security concern of the data. It is important for the organization to maintain the privacy of important data and information of the organization. Without a good security system the organization cannot safeguard its information. It becomes difficult for the organization to maintain security of the big data with new technological revolution. Hence it needs developed security options for its data.
4.1.2 Solutions to the problems
Where there is a problem, there is a solution to the problem. By studying the articles solutions have been recommended to the organization for developing the policies for better big data management system. The solutions to the problems are as follows:
Cloud Computing: It is one of the solution for storing and managing big data that will help the organization in maintaining its huge amount of data. Cloud computing also comes up with a better security option that will also enhance the performance of the data management system of the organization (Zhao et al., n.d.).
Better network architecture: With a better network architecture and wireless system of database management the organization can speed up its data management and processing system. Though it would be costly implementation for the organization but to maintain a huge base of data it is mandatory for the organization to develop a better network architecture.
Management research for big data: management research for big data helps to solve the problems of computation and analysis of big data. By researching the management techniques and implementing the better techniques and systems can speed by the analysis and processing of the data. This helps the organization to improve its big data management system. Researching management techniques is costly and time consuming because it needs skilled experts for the job.
Better data security solutions: The traditional data security system has a loop hole in maintaining the security of the data and information for the organization. But with the development of the security systems, the organization can implement better security options for its big data management system.
4.2 Discussion of the key ideas and its success in solving the problems.
The solutions and the key ideas provided by studying the articles are useful in solving the problems of big data management system in the organization. This helps the organization to improve its policies for big data management. By implementing cloud computing system and better network architecture NHS can develop its storage and management system for big data. This helps the company to enhance its systems performance and reduce the issues of scalability of big data. By implementing the policy for management research for big data, the organization can know the actual problems the organization is facing in sharing and maintaining big data and information. By knowing the loop holes in the management system the organization can develop better strategy to reduce the problems and speed up the computation and analysis of the big data. The organization needs to make changes in the system of managing the big data by adding new technologies and more computation resources. This would incur huge cost to the organization but will help the organization to maintain huge amount of data and serve the community in a better way. With the ability to collect and process more amount of data the organization can carry on its researches and develop the health care system in London. The organization has already implemented the GP data processing system and wants to develop the big data processing system more for big data management. But one of the major problem that the organization faces that has no theoretical solution is the shortage of IT professional for developing the database management system for the organization and maintaining the security for the organization. With the increase in demand for the IT professionals there has occurred a shortage of IT professionals in the market. This is a major issue that has no solution. Hence the company needs to recruit most effective and experience IT experts for maintaining its big database system. Without expert professionals the new system of big data management is useless. Hence, the organization needs to build its policies to solve all the stated problems in gaining advantages to maintain big data. As per the analysis, the theoretical solutions and ideas presented in the articles are capable of developing the big data management system for the organization, but it is not capable of solving the problem of need and shortage of IT experts for operating the improved DBMS system.


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