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Hello, I concur with you that it is important for nurses to not only be aware of the nursing core values, but also incorporate the nursing core values in daily practice. It is agreeable that you think integrity as one of the core values in nursing is important to a nurse leader. Your illustration on the influence of integrity in your nurse leadership highlights the use of the core values in ensuring effective nursing leadership. I concur with you that education is a very appropriate way of continuing one’s professional development (Fahrenwald, 2005). I wish you all the best as you transition of one level of nurse preparation to another.


Fahrenwald,N.,  Bassett, S., Tschetter,L., Carson,P., White, L & Winterboer, V.( 2005).  Teaching core nursing values. Journal of Professional Nursing, 21(1).
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Hello, your discussion post highlights the importance of leadership styles and their influence on nursing practice. One of the major points explored in your discussion post is the role that nurse leaders play towards inspiring the nursing staff under their leadership. Through the use of strategies such as negotiation, facilitation, accommodation and communication, nurse leaders are able to achieve cohesiveness in the unit (Al-Sawai, 2013). As part of your professional development, your discussion post highlights various options. I believe the most important thing is the passion that shows when you describe your rationale for these options. It is this passion that sets outs good nurses from great nurses.
Al-Sawai, A. (2013). Leadership of Healthcare Professionals: Where Do We Stand? Oman Medical Journal. 28(4), 285-287.
Hello, your conspicuous joy in the path your career has taken is justified. Your discussion post highlights the importance of the baccalaureate nursing program from the perspective of the benefits you have enjoyed since starting the program. Your enthusiasm is almost infectious, especially when you recount the changes in thinking, mindset and the self realization and reflection that you have undergone since starting the program (Shaw & Degazon, 2008). I believe that with this eagerness to learn and the evident thirst for knowledge, your nursing career will reach new heights.
Shaw, H. & Degazon, C. (2008). Integrating the core professional values of nursing: A  profession, not just a career. Journal of cultural diversity, 15(1): 44-51
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Hello, in the broad sense, your discussion post shows reflection, not only on past assignments and you take on the perspectives, but also on your moral status when faced with conflicting situations. I concur with you that it is imperative for nurses to stay informed on matters regarding ethical issues and human rights. This is important in order to inform actions when faced with relevant issues during nursing practice (Matthews, 2012). I also concur with you that such information is important to ensure fluidity in the delivery of service, especially when nurses are faced with new conditions, such as the Ebola outbreak.
Matthews, J. (2012). Role of Professional Organizations in Advocating for the Nursing Profession. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 17.
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Hello, your discussion post highlights the benefits you have derived from the baccalaureate program. Among other things, the program has taught you’re the importance of continued education, opened up more opportunities to not only better yourself, but also the organization for which you serve. In your discussion post, you recount experiences where you have encountered ethical dilemmas. Your perspectives as it regards dealing with these ethical dilemmas reflect a baccalaureate prepared nurse. This vindicates your arguments on the influence of the program in your professional life (Murray, 2010)
Murray, J. (2010) "Moral Courage in Healthcare: Acting Ethically Even in the Presence of Risk" The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. 15 (3): 2.
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Hello, in many words, your discussion post highlights the importance of communication in nursing practice, and the role that the baccalaureate program has played in enhancing your communication skills. I concur that it is not expected that communication lines will always remain open within an organization. However, it is important for nurse leaders to ensure that any issues stifling communication within an organization are eliminated (Grohar-Murray & Langan, 2011).
Grohar-Murray, M., & Langan, J. C. (2011). Leadership and Management in Nursing (4th Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ:

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