Essay On Q3. What Are My Communication Skills?

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This essay is majorly about bad writing habits in the workplace and business schools. Poor writing skills have become a growing concern to different shareholders including literary experts, authors, lecturers and teachers. To do address these concerns, this essay shall answer three questions.

Q1. What is meant by the term “students write poorly?”

The above term basically means that students are not able to meet the required standards of proper writing. In one newspaper article, the author outlines the fact that most students are not keen on aspects such as what tense they write in, the difference between a verb and a noun among other things that are crucial in constructing proper sentences.
Most of the students are so used to instant messaging that they have no avenue to practice their writing skills on. They use terrible grammar, incoherent sentences that are often more lengthy than meaningful (“Business Schools” 8).

Q2. What is good writing and why is it important to have good writing skills?

In my understanding and from the newspaper articles, good writing is simply constructing sentences that are grammatically correct and can pass information in the simplest manner to the relevant audience. While it is common practice to assume that complex sentences that contain a lot of vocabulary translate to proper writing. Complex sentences do not equal proper writing, as a matter of fact they can be a real nuisance at times especially when they fail to relay the intended information (“Business Schools” 8).
Proper writing should be precise and to the point. There should be proper punctuation if the need arises, proper use of tenses so as to give a true reflection of the time of occurrence of the information being relayed. Good writing also includes proof reading work that is done so as to ensure that the errors are maintained at the lowest possible levels.
Another aspect to consider in proper writing skills is that the clarity of sentences. If a sentence is not easy to understand, then such writing is considered poor (“University Students” 11).

I consider my writing and communication skills to be above average. I have had considerable exposure through being in the debate team, writing in my journal every day and being an ardent reader of books. Reading books help me see and understand how to construct better sentences in the future. Reading also keeps my mind alert and reminded that writing can indeed be done in the proper manner. Having been in the debate club has assisted me in passing information in a clear and concise manner that is straight to the point. I practice writing everyday by writing in my journal.


It is generally acknowledged that writing today isn't given enough attention as it ought to be. There are also very limited avenues through which the young people can sharpen their writing skills. Such incentives and initiatives should, however, be taken.

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