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Pornography is the act of representing the sexual behavior of humans in print media, pictorial representation, statues, the motion pictures and recently the social media platforms. Pornography is mainly aimed at bringing about sexual excitement to the individual who views the pornographic items.
Pornography also entails the use of illicit and material that could be rated condemned is closely related to erotica. In erotica the items that are viewed by the subjects could be slightly or broadly tolerable. Pornography is largely subjective and also reflects the changing patterns in the society. The word pornography was got from two Greek words for instance Porni which means “prostitute” and graphein which means “to write”. It was originally defined as any kind of work of art that depicts the act of prostitutes.
The definition of pornography is very subjective in nature. Its history is very nearly to conceive in everyday life. This because the imagery that may be considered very erotic or considered religious in one society could be taken to be regarded as gross pornographic in another society. And it is said that the European travelers who were once going to India were shocked by what they considered as pornographic representation of the sexual conduct and the sexual intercourse portrayed on the Hindu temples like those of Khajuraho.
A number of contemporary Muslim societies also apply this label of Pornography to very many motion pictures and the programs telecast on the television. They are stunned by the fact that most of these programs are unobjectionable in the western society. In simple terms, it can be contended that pornographic lies in the eyes of the beholder to a large extent.
Our modern history of pornography stems from the century of enlightenment dating back to the 18th century. This is because the invention of printing technology helped advance the production of the written materials that appeal to a number of audience and viewers of all social and economic classes with varying sexual tests. Thus some small underground traffic in those works became the main basis of many bookselling and publishing books in England. Fanny Hill which was also known as the Memoirs of a woman of pleasure published in the year 1748 by John Cleland utilized this societal leverage.
The graphic erotic art which was mainly produced in Paris also began to gain ground at around the same time. This eventually became known in the Anglophone world as the French postcards. Pornography is very often portrayed as one of the bugs of our current modern society. It is also referred to as one of the indicators of a modern moral decay that is brought every one through the videos and the broadband access as well. History indicated that pornography is said to have existed far back before the invention of video and the present day photography.
Thus a number of researchers have gone ahead to think that the theory of evolution has got humans so much predisposed for visual arousal. This means that the diversity of the pornographic materials that display pornography suggest that have always been interested in the sex images.
Peter Prevos’s article entitled “Pornography in the contemporary society: the commodification of sexual desire” argues that pornography possess a very special status within our modern contemporary society. This is reflected by the designs of the insight adult books in Bendigo (Prevos, pp. 1-3).
In his second and last essay, Prevos argues that the status of pornography can be evaluated by following the Marxist semi logical and the anthropological perspective regarding the material culture. Prevos claimed that studying pornography sociologically can help provide a valuable insight about any culture in which pornography exists.
The article claims that when it comes to Pornography, commodification simply creates a disconnection just between the ethical and the emotional aspects regarding the act of producing pornography right from the act of consuming it by the public as well. This issue also formed the foundation of the very early criticisms by the feminist writers like Andrea Dworkin and others like Catherine McKinnon. These focus on the examinations of the misogynistic sexual representations.
Thus the feminist critique just follows an argument that pornography is just based on unequal power relations between the men and women that are involved in the production of pornography. This article portrays pornography as the focus of concern in explaining the violence towards women and is defined in its ability to harm. However experimental research to determine a connection between pornography and violence against women as proved that this connection is futile.
John Philip Jenkins in his article “Pornography”, that appeared in the Encyclopedia Britannica claims that apart from the sexual excitement associated with pornography, it has become a great vehicle for social and political contest. Pornography provides a vehicle aimed at exploring the daring ideas (Jenkins, 3). Most of these ideas were very much condemned in the ancient times both secularly and also in the church. These included the sexual freedom for women as well as for the men Pornography is also portrayed as being linked to the social injustices of contraception and abortion. This article however does not provide an experimental and research backing to this argument.
This article writes that pornography also greatly focused on the misdeeds and misdemeanors of the royals and the aristocrats. The article claims that it is due to pornography that the elites of Europe are discredited for that. It further gives a recount of one of the most important authors regarding the socially radical pornography called Marquis de Sade. His books most especially the book called Justine written in the year 1791.This Author combined the orgiastic scenes with the long philosophical debated regarding the evil of property and the traditional hierarchy of society.
Pornography has for long been condemned and also legally proscribed in the queer and co-temporal belief that it does not only deprive but also corrupts both the young persons and the grown-ups of the society. This article claims that pornography leads to the commission of a number of sex crimes. Occasionally, a number of important works of art and great religious works have been banned just because they are considered pornographic by the critics.
Some of these assumptions on pornography have been put to challenge in court and on a number of scientific grounds. Nonetheless, the production, possession and distribution of the pornographic materials may be sometimes be prosecuted in a number of countries under a number of statutes that deal with obscenity. However, these legal standards normally vary widely from country to country. For instance most countries in Europe and North America usually permit some depictions of sexual activity. Some of these could be condemned grossly and considered criminal some ten years back. Currently the only remaining taboo which still holds regarding pornography is the condemnation of it from children who are regarded as minors.

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