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Published: 2020/11/21

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The World today is faced by so many social problems that are either as a result of human embracing new technologies as well as other ragging behind current technologies. Human changing their social life daily by introducing new lifestyle has created some major social problems facing them today. We will majorly focus on alcoholism as a current social problem facing modern generation.
Alcoholism is a progressive chronic disease that includes complications in regulating once drinking, being preoccupied by alcohol and continuing to use of alcohol even when it’s causing problems. It’s usually difficult to see your drinking has gone beyond social or moderate drinking to what is called problem drinking. When you get to a point of drinking alcohol to evade feeling bad or manage difficulties you are actually in the potential hazardous margin. If you are alcoholic is difficult for you to reliably predict how long and how much you will swill and what are likely to be the results from your drinking.it is very possible to get problem with alcohol, even when you have not gotten to alcoholic stage, especially when you find you are drinking to much at times resulting to repeated complications in your life even when you are not entirely dependent on liquor (Torr, 2008) .
The pattern of drinking where male downs at least five bottles in a day and female drinks about four in a row is referred to as binge drinking. It is also potentially dangerous and lead to same social problem and health threat connected with alcoholism. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are caused by many interrelated factors, this include how one is brought up, genetics, your social surroundings and emotional fitness. Several racial groups in the world bear great risk to alcoholism than other developing addiction to alcohol especially Native Alaskans and American Indians as a result of their genetic profile. People who are linked with heavy drinkers or have family history of alcohol abuse are credible to develop drinking glitches. Finally people who may be suffering from a mental complication like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder are also at great risk since alcohol could possibly be used in a way to self- meditate.
Some of the common symptoms and sign of alcohol misuse comprises factors like frequently neglecting your responsibilities be it at school, home or work due to your drinking and one start to perform quite poorly, skipping classes, neglecting family and missing out commitment because one is drunk or a hung over. Another aspect is using of alcohol in a physical hazardous situation like driving or machine operating or even mixing liquor with medical subscriptions against health expert’s orders. Drinking to drive away stress and relax is also another major sign. Some people get to a bottle every time they have a quarrel at home or at work and end up drinking every stressful day, other signs include having regular problems to account on your drinking and the continuoud use of alcohol even as it is causing complication in your relationships (Torr, 2008)
In conclusion alcoholism is a social problem that can be taken care of by the society. It requires proper education as this disease of alcoholism can be treated through medical prescription but require mental guideline and counseling and treating the major health complication that arise like liver cirrhosis, ulcers and the others. Alcoholism has become recently more popular than as people now champion drinking as a social factor.


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