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International Marketing

A number of scholars have regarded international marketing as a key to long terms success and competitive edge (Doole and Lowe, 2001). However, it is extremely important for the firms to decide how and when to invest in the right marketing strategies as well as which products and services should be marketed (Doole and Lowe, 2001).
Likewise, as part of the recent appointment for interview for the position of the International Marketing Manager at Marsovin Wine Company based out of Malta, this brief paper in the form of a report attempts to highlight the various marketing strategies that fit best for marketing Marsovin’s small organic wine range internationally. With the help of supporting reasons and arguments, the report in specific focuses upon various reasons demonstrating why Marsovin is suited to taking its organic products abroad. Some of the key factors taken into consideration include social and cultural issues, international marketing research as well as some of “going global” approach.
The strategic aim of this report is to understand why and how international marketing can be beneficial for the company in terms of long term growth and sustainable competitive edge. The paper starts with the notion of international marketing and moves ahead with the case of Marsovin Wine Company.

With technology creating tremendous leaps in transportation, communication as well as financial flow, the entire world has started to feel a lot smaller and one (Keegan, 2002). This has made possible for organizations and customers across all the nations to conduct trade and business in any part of the world. As per the data available from the WTO (World Trade Organization), there has been an increase of more than 33 times in terms of the total amount of international and merchandise from 1951 to 2010 (Muhlbacher et. al., 2006). Huge brands as well as products which originate in one nation are more than happily accepted in various other nations. For instance, LV (Louis Vuitton) purses, BMW cars and even, the Columbian coffee etc all are foreign and imported products and are basically symbols of quality and status in the United States of America but they successfully have managed to create and maintain a string position abroad through effective international marketing strategies and approaches (Keegan, 2002).
But with rapid advent of globalization there occur several challenges and even, opportunities for big brands that want to be successful overseas and maintain an international status. First and most important, it is to be ensured at all the instances that products are not just of high and excellent quality but are also, easily affordable by the consumers of the foreign nation (Cateora and Ghauri, 1999). Further, the various international marketing aspects needs to be well identified and analysed to determine if the products and services will be equally successful abroad in the foreign nation. As per the global marketing theory, a company planning to invest in international marketing needs to focus upon understanding the market, culture, language as well as trends and customer behaviour in the foreign land. If these factors are not well understood then the entire marketing efforts can go waste of an effort (Cateora and Ghauri, 1999). The attempt and key objective of the international marketing is to minimise the gap between the nations in terms of preferences, demographics and global market and thereby, make an entire market as one with minimal differences (Cateora and Ghauri, 1999). The section below will further explain the concept of international marketing.

Concept of International Marketing

The concept of international marketing is structured around the idea of extending a firm’s local marketing approach with a strong emphasis on identification of the most appropriate market, targeting strategies as well as decision making internationally. As per the American Marketing Association (AMA), the theory of international marketing is generally defined as a multinational process that involves lots of planning and executing in addition to basic concepts such as the conception, promotion, pricing and the distribution of goods and services (Johansson, 2000). The chief objective is to develop and foster exchanges that help satisfy both the individual and corporate objectives.
Some of the top brands that have considerably benefited from adoption of international marketing strategies include firms such as Coca-Cola, which discovered that the keyword “Diet” relates to a negative sense in Latin America and gained success through changing the name of their product to ‘Coke Lite’ in these nations (Johansson, 2000). The section below focuses upon the case of Marsovin Wine Company.

The Case of Marsovin Wine Company

Bowman’s strategy clock is represents the strategic diagram that a business uses to as it moves up in the customer value mapping where the interrelation between the price that the customer is willing to pay and the perceived value of the product or service. Marsovin uses differentiation strategy for the company as the company’s wine is known for its distinguished product quality and the pricing is on the higher side. Now, with growing advent of globalization as well as to remain competitive, Marsovin could invest in some international marketing strategies to remain competitive. The sections below focus on the same.

International Marketing for Wines of Marsovin Wine Company

According to Doole and Lowe (2001), effective international marketing could easily help any company establish a global presence. Likewise, the case of marketing internationally the Marsovin’s small organic wine range internationally.

Why Marsovin Should Invest in International Marketing of its Wines

There are various reasons in terms of why Marsovin should invest in international marketing of its wine.
Excellent Quality
The first and most important is the fact that Marsovin’s wines are well recognized and enjoyed all across the globe. The company is manufacturer of premium wines and is known for its excellent quality.

Growing Market of Organic Wines

Secondly, the global wine sector is expanding. The modern wine sector and industry is continuously and increasingly globalizing (Anderson et. al., 2003). There is an intense competition and pressure in the market especially with the emergence of the organic wines in specific (Anderson, 2004). Natural wines, including organic and inorganic have now achieved a global and well recognized presence. According to Carbone and Moatti, (2008), this pressure makes it important and critical for the wines manufacturers to invest in international marketing through sustainable and promotion of environmental issues. “Green Image” is now the growing trend amongst the wine makers.

Wine Sector in Italy and France

As per Loureiro (2003), Italy and France are the biggest manufacturer of organic agricultural produce, including a variety of organic products. The organic wine production is also tremendous and tough to compete (Loureiro, 2003). The countries have favorable climatic conditions to produce organic wines. To remain competitive, Marsovin also needs to demonstrate its production of organic wines across the world.
Some of the key international marketing strategies that Marsovin could invest in to take its organic collection of wines internationally include:
Personal Health Concerns – Over the last few years, individuals all across the globe have started to become highly concerned about their health and prefer organic products. Marsovin could benefit from this opportunity and focus upon promotion of its organic wines and associated benefits.

Sales Channel – Marsovin will need to establish an extremely strong and networked sales channel to promote its organic wines internationally.

Trade Fairs – The company should publicize itself and its products extensively across the various organic trade fairs that happen globally on regular intervals. Top examples include trade fairs like BioFach in Nuremberg and Millesime Bio in France.


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