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Personal Introduction ENVS-150

I am a senior student at San Jose State University, and I am an economics major student at the university. I developed interest in economics very early in my career. I understand that to learn the effect of economics on the society, one has to learn the economics in depth. That is the main reason to choose the economics as my major. I am basically from China, but now I am US citizen. I used to work at my relative’s liquor shop earlier as a part time job. It was my family’s tradition and my obligation towards them. I took that responsibility and fulfilled with dedication. I was running the liquor business with the aim of maximizing the profit. I used the theory of demand and supply and applied it to my family business. I observed the economic statues and preference of our regular customers and gave suggestions to import the specific merchandise from the supplier I also used to give important business suggestions to my aunt regarding the selling cost and retail cost of the products. During my time at the liquor store, the recession happened. At that time I suggested to import low cost products to the store and reduced the prizes of the product. As the unemployment rate was very high during that time, it was inevitable to make changes to the regular regimen. During my work period I used to run the counter ad accounts at the store. I used to gather the receipts, dropping money at bank, maintaining the inventory, keeping the margin of profit and loss, etc. all the practical work that I did back at the store reminded me of the real power and knowledge of economics. I understood that mere bookish knowledge cannot help to run a successful business. Apart from getting used to economics, I also improved in the skills of communication and personality development. I started talking with various people with confidence and honesty. My experience at the store made me flourish in every direction.
In May 2008, I immigrated to America and enrolled at De Anza College. As an ESL student, I had difficulties writing in English, but I never gave up cherishing desires of succeeding in writing. Unlike other students who gave up on the knowledge, I continued the pursuit to learn English writing and speaking fluently. By working hard in my English classes, I expanded my perspective on the broad cultural values of diverse nations. Also I learned different thinking styles and outlooks on life between Western and Asian cultures. Besides writing, I also love music; I started to play the piano when I was 16 years old. I received awards on various competitions and concerts. Looking back at my earlier years, my interest in writing and arts has helped shape my personality and belief system. My passion for writing has sparked my interest in economics and the social science. I believe creating more economic opportunity can make society more productive and advanced. For any developing or developed country, their economic strengths can take them to the new heights in every field. I also believe no matter what field I work in, my artistic sense and understanding of what makes life esthetically pleasing will help lead me to success and life that I desire.
It is very important that modern citizen understand the importance of environment and its protection from the constantly burning issues like global warming, pollution, endangered species and so on. In this research paper, the center of focus is a personal viewpoint on environmental philosophies. Through various branches of environmental philosophy like environmental hermeneutics, Environmental theology, Ecofeminism, natural environment and environmental ethics one can shed a few lights on environmental issues. The personal vantage point from scholars and philosophers around the world, one can understand and decipher many environmental secrets with the primary goal of saving the natural environment. Since the beginning of the modern technological era, the environment has suffered a great deal of damage with regards to its balance and Eco-structure.
Many exotic animals and bird species are now endangered, many of them are extinct, too. The food chain is very complicated process. All the personal goals of human race lead them to misuse the natural resources of environment for their comfort and development. Due to all the drastic industrialization, auto-mobile industries, chemical pollution and negligence to environment has made reciprocation with environment that are not revertible. The food chain has taken a lot of damage. The earth that used to be home for every species, is not so suitable now for most of the species. That is why issues like drastic weather changes, global warming issues, deforestation, increased in the sea-levels and increased diseases in human and animal species are snowballing. It is the first duty of human race to save and protect the environment by being responsible and reasonable. Environmental Philosophy

The importance of Deep Ecology

Deep Ecology is the philosophy that advocates the significance of every living being on the earth. Irrespective of how much instrumental or useful that species can be for the human race, the species cannot become deprived of its inherited existence on this earth. The selfish motives of human race for their survival and comfort can outrun all the moral obligation towards other species and environment, that is the reason, this philosophy of deep ecology came into existence. The philosophy clarifies that the existence of all the species and living beings on earth is completely co-dependent on each other and natural resources of environment. Any species other than human race does not have the inner volunteering conscience to destroy the natural environment. However, the infiltration of human race can be damaging for the subtle balance that is embedded in the nature. The root of this philosophy is to leave the natural environment undisturbed in its original state without any hindrance from any external factors. That way the species apart from human race can rise and flourish in its natural manner.

In 1984, George Sessions and Arne Naess voiced the values of the new Deep Ecology Drive. These basic principles are:

The well-being and flourishing of human and non-human life have value. The assortment and lushness that human and non-human races bring to the environment are the values worth protection and preservation. Just like any other species, human race has the rights to utilize the diversity and richness of the other species for their vital needs only. Human race cannot use the environment for their comfort or enjoyment. Controlled human population can have the better chances of sustaining and utilizing the natural resources for their survival and existence. However, uncontrolled, population exaggeration of human race can have adverse effects on the other species’ resources. Current condition of environment is at the verge of self-destruction and the main reason is the invasion of human race. A drastic reform is needful to change the policies regarding the protection and preservation of the environment. Rather than constantly advancing towards high standards of living for human race, limiting the lie style to more natural ways can help solve these problems. A global unity from every continent can help solving the current issues that the environment is facing.

Environmental Theology

The environmental theology is the philosophy that talks about the relation between the environment and God. Everyone is curious about the existence of god. However, no one has proven the existence of god so far. The environmental theology describes the ideology that the One, the Creator-God subsists outwardly to the corporeal world (Timm, 1994). The second is God exists within the environment (McFague, 1993, Tobias, 1994). The views from a few schools of thoughts specifies that the God does not exist at all. (Berry, 1994; Callicott, 1994; Swimme, 1994; Wei-ming, 1994). In one of the old Indian literature called ‘Darshana’ there is a similar philosophy that says that human race needs to try and live happily with cohabitation with the world, because after the death there is no other realms to go. The literature search shows three perspective analysis on these views. The god lives among the human race and coincides with environment (White, 1994). The second view says that the god and environment are separate entities. (Griffin, 1994). The third view contradicts the existence of god.
The current issues that the modern world faces like global warming and rising chemical pollution are rapidly going beyond reversal. To prevent these issues from advancing further and leading to some catastrophic disasters, human race has to combine the religious, spiritual and ancient sources of knowledge with the contemporary technology. The disturbances in the environment are mostly a byproduct of the swift industrialization and technological advancement. So the solution to the leading crisis of environment can also come from the application of the advanced technology only. The blend of religion, cultural diversity, and uniformity across the globe for the solution of the common problem can help make a difference.

Personal journey with environment

I am from China, and I have grown up with a close connection with the environment. The cultural diversity that I have experiences in China and USA has helped me to realize that all the nations have actively started the movement to save the environment. In every country there are NGOs and governmental organizations constantly working on some or other environmental issues. The developing countries like India and China are looking forward to find ways to control the increase in the population to reduce the utilization of the natural resources. Developed countries like USA are thinking in the lines of developing clean energy as the main source for the energy. That way coal energy and other natural resources can be saved and preserved. The wildlife preservation is very active across China and USA. There are deep zones in the sanctuaries that are off-limits from any hindrance from human race. There are governmental policies targeting specific rules and legislature on preventing the environment. This way the steps are in motion to protect the environment across the world. Regardless of the culture and location, the aim of any civilization is to save the environment. The philosophies may be different and ways to approach the goals can be varied. Some philosophers share their views in very pessimist way by comparing the environmental problems as an arrow that has left the bow, and it cannot be controlled. Meaning, that the issues that are currently pervading across the globe are just the beginning of a much disastrous end. I completely disagree with such schools of thoughts. I believe that any damage that has happened in the environment can revert back up to a large extent if the actions are unified and resilient.

Environmental Ethics

The reform in the way of thinking of an individual cannot be the solution of the worldwide problems of environment. However, through governmental legislation and ethical laws about environmental protection can bring the change in the thinking of the masses. The laws about the automobile fuels can make changes in the polluted gases releases in the gases. Many of the countries have diverted their fuel choices from gasoline to LPG and CNG gases. The regular maintenance of the vehicle can reduce the emission n of the gases. Legislation and regulation about the Pollution under control certificated for every vehicle can help the environment. The separation of the industrial establishment from the residential areas can help concentrating the pollution in the selected areas of the city. Similarly the complete sanctuary for the wildlife can be helpful in the preservation of the food chain. Popularity of the public transport can help reducing the use of the personal vehicle, carpooling another way to reduce the vehicular pollution.
Thus, to conclude, there are various philosophies at hand to counteract global environmental conditions. The strong and unified actions from various countries altogether can help bring some changes and hope in the current situations. However, personally it is a choice and intuition of an individual to contribute at any level. The freewill is one virtue in human race that defines and differentiates human from other species.
The heights that human race has achieved in the science and technology development are legendary. However, in the process of achieving the goals of mankind, people forgot to protect the one sole important thing that tis the environment. The blind race of running behind the physical means, one has forgotten the balance of nature. The rate at which the countries across the globe are utilizing the natural resources like natural gas, coal and petroleum it will not be a surprise to see the catastrophic damages to the environment in a few decades.
Thanks to the initiatives of WHO and UN environment department, leaders from all the countries are coming together to address the issues of environment. Their coming together and thinking about the common problem is a good start to this process. Whichever philosophy one follows to understand or maintain the environment, the ultimate goal of any philosophy is to protect and preserve the environment and all species residing in it. Giving importance to each and every living soul on earth and protecting their existence is the duty of human being considering that is the only species with the ability to think and act.


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