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1-Does your department or service have mutual aid agreements with other departments or services? Is there regular communication/training with the mutual aid agency? How do you resolve conflicts over response area or patient care?
My service has a mutual aid agreement with other services. In where I work, our hospital facility has a mutual aid agreement with the municipal council within the area through which the municipal council has the permission to assist the hospital with vehicles to ferry people in case of any emergency that require many vehicles. There is always a constant communication with the mutual aid agency with an aim of enhancing efficiency in the operations. The agency also provides training to increase efficiency in handling emergency cases.
Conflicts are resolved through the use of direct confrontation or problem solving method. In this method, a problem is identified then the parties involved a given time to express their views with respect to the problem identified. The exchange of the information between the parties helps in developing a concrete solution to the problem something that lead to conflict resolution.

2-What are some of the problems you encountered obtaining electronic/internet-based sources? How did you solve those problems?

With advancement in technology, many businesses have focused on ensuring that all their operations have become digital. One problem I have obtained in obtaining electronic/internet based sources is dined access through the use of a password due to failure to register with the company. In addition, another problem was that in order to access the electronic sources, some of the sites required me to pay some amount while others required me to be a member of the institution in order to get access by developing an account.
I solved these problems by first developing an account with those sites that required me to register in order to become a member who can access their electronic sources. In addition, I was also forced by circumstances to pay a minimum among in order to become a member of another site that had the electronic sources.
3 Give a brief but accurate definition of “diagnosis” in your own words. Why is the correct diagnosis the most important part of the coding and billing process?
Diagnosis refers to process of investigating or analyzing a cause of a situation or problem in a given setting. For instance, diagnosis in the medical field refers to the process of identifying a disease by precisely studying the underlying signs and symptoms. Correct diagnosis is very important in the coding and billing process since it enhances efficiency is this processes. Correct diagnosis plays a great role in promoting effectiveness and efficiency in both coding and billing process. It ensures no mistakes occur when coding and billing.

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