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The American Revolution took place in1765-1783, it was a political turn up and upheaval during which the rebels or well referred to the Patriots in the former thirteen American colonies refused the way of ruling of Great Britain. The ruling of the British was full of Monarchy; the ruling class was preferred than the rest of citizens and negligence of fundamental rights of the revolutionaries. The rebels from the thirteen North America colonies therefore rebelled and formed the United States of America. It was a war of independence. The colonists were bothered by many things that the British government did, and these resulted to their vigour to rebel.
Money was a major issue in the American Revolution. Events like the French and Indian War (1754-1703) needed money, and this was a major reason for the colonist to rebel. This war cost King George III lots of money. He had bought a lot of expensive supplies to the army that was in the war and also to the thirteen colonies. After the war, King George III was faced with a lot of debts to settle, and this made him settle for a wrong decision that outraged the colonists. The British Parliament then decided to impose a lot of taxes to the thirteen colonies. The colonists were now being taxed on goods that were normally free from charges. This made the colonists furious, and they rejected this taxes, the king therefore decided to force the thirteen colonies to obey and readjust to the change of things but the rebels were outraged by this taxes and were triggered to rebel.
The Boston Tea Party was an event that was followed by intolerable acts by the king. The king in order to configure the colonists rebellion of taxation sent a ship with taxed tea and commanded the owner of the ship to ensure it was all unloaded; this was incredibly acted upon by the colonists since they threw it overboard. The king therefore was forced to impose intolerable acts. This acts included the following; closing the port of Boston until the colonies had repaid the destroyed tea, putting the Massachusetts government entirely under British control, allowing royal officials to be tried in Britain whenever the king felt it necessary in the name of fair justice, ordering the colonies to provide lodging for the British soldiers and expanding British territories in Canada and allowing free practice of Roman Catholicism. The most intolerable act, which made the colonists decide to do something against the king and parliament was the parliament ordering colonists to house soldiers due to the Boston Massacre. The colonists felt their children were never free in their homes because the soldiers were ever in knives possession and these made the children of the colonists fear them a lot.
The first Continental Congress was held because of the intolerable acts; there were fifty-five delegates who were representing twelve of the thirteen North America colonies with Georgia withheld who was a representative of the thirteenth colony. This congress was in session for two months, they had several agendas and argued whether they should separate from Britain for the killings of their people, firing of cannons in their cities, closing of the Boston seaport and finally the intolerable acts. They decided to send Declaration of rights and grievances rights to King George III hoping he would hear them out, and their demands met. The first continental congress separated after sending this declaration.
The king response was awaited after sending this Declaration though the tension was too high. The colonists prepared for war by collecting arms waiting for a battle with the British colony. It was the beginning of the revolutionary war. The Battle of Lexington and Concord then came up where the British soldiers came to uproot rebels from this town and a war begun where the colonists could firearms, and the British soldiers could fight back. This war caused a lot of destruction in this towns and property was destroyed. Many soldiers died in the process and a few colonists especially in Lexington town since the colonist were not well prepared for this war unlike in Concord town. It is where the Americans used the Guerrilla tactics.
The second Continental Congress gathered after this beginning of the revolutionary war. The government would remain until the Revolutionary war would end. Several attempts at peace and harmony making were sent to the king who unfortunately or fortunately was not interested. This included the Olive branch petition which declared the Colonies declaration of their loyalty to the king, the Olive Branch petition showed a lot of loyalty to his Majesty King George III asking for unity to be restored between him and the colonies. The king sends a proclamation instead to the Congress that assured them that the king was not ready to listen to their pleas. It therefore united the colonies more and led to the Declaration of Independence which resulted in war with Britain

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