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Beat Generation is a common word in the United States and globally today. The cited word refers to a group of Generation that feel that they have been reduced to the bedrock of consciousness and experience the greater extent of the Nakedness of the mind and soul. Additionally, Beat Generation denotes to a group that feels that they have been used, given the fact they are raw and have the notion that they have been pushed against the wall of oneself. The said group comprises of members who have instinctive individuality and feel that they don’t need bohemianism. Typically, Beat Generation is a group that is engulfed with resignation, defeat, and disappointment.
Typically, the discussed group lack imperative personal and social values. Regrettably, to them is how to live and not to maintain the human values on why to live. Additionally, Beat Generation is more occupied with the loss of faith in the crucial things that they can achieve while still alive. Evidently, from the author description of the cited generation, Eager-faced girl describe the sense of community she found in Marijuana that society never gave her before. Typically, Beat Generation according to the author is driven by desperation and craving for belief while, on the contrary, unable to accept the moderation that are offered. The generation believe on attaining better things in life, and they crave for quick opportunities yet they lack patience in accomplishing their dreams. This group dream of big things in life but they don’t like working hard towards the attainment of such.
Beat Generation firmly believe in something even in the face of inability to do it in conventional terms. The above mentioned has always excessively driven the said group in one direction or the other. In fact, the older generation is always shocked at the attitude and distress that members of the said group possess. The author is equally traumatized and explicitly argue that people with tidy moralities wonders on what is happening to the younger generation. Also, according to the author the said generation is not immune to ideas but only fascinates the ideas described above. It is an age characterizes with the significant entertainment of ideas rather than believing in them. In fact, Beat Generation can only be compared to real life situation whereby in a conflict a man is fighting another man but not the ideas.
Beat Generation writers clearly embody the author's characterizations of the Beat Generation in various aspects of their writing. They characterized the group mentioned above as a group addicted to drugs, crime, and sexual affairs. In fact both the writers categories the group as a generation that don’t believe in straight jobs but a group that believe in struggling to survive, selling hard drugs and committing crimes towards the attainment of quick personal gains. For instance, Jack Kerouac who was born on March 12, 1992 in Lowell Massachusetts likes hanging around with friends that his parents did not approve. The reason behind the disapproval is peers influence and bad company. Evidently, Jack celebrity life transformed his spiritual and moral life to the worst as compared earlier experience where his moral life was an example of the society.It is imperative to note that Jack life was destroyed by drinking, and finally he died at home on October 21, 1969 at the teenage age of 47 years.
Irwin Allen, son of Louis Ginsberg and Naomi, expresses the characteristic of the beat generation. As a freshman at the Columbia University, he fell with a group of the wild soul without thinking of the dangers involved. Regrettably, according author he mingled and ended in close association with Non-students friends; William Burroughs and Neal Cassady. The mentioned group of non-students were in totality obsessed by crimes, drugs, and irresponsible sexual affairs. According to the writer, Irwin Allen failed just like most beat generation would have after being expelled from the Columbia University. The above clearly according to the author, obnoxiously indicates the negative impact that the above generation will always pass through given their involvement in drugs, crime, and sexual activities. Worst to note is that William Burroughs and Neal Cassady never encouraged in his studies but did influence him towards drugs and back –street crimes. In the end, Irwin Allen got himself in Marijuana and started having passionate affairs with Neal Cassady. Finally criminal activities of Ginsberg’s friends according to the writer resulted in his arrest and imprisonment.

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