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Jane Doe


Rayo Electronics, Inc.

Communication Manual

About the organization: Rayo Electronics Inc. is committed to providing high quality electronics available globally for business to business use. Rayo Electronics is dedicated to offering a product interchangeable with a diverse range of electronic devices for flexibility of use for countries throughout the world.

The manual is divided into five parts

Part One: Language Specialists- How the company plans to handle language barrier issues within the company as they work with international customers.
An example of how the company could incorporate a language specialists program would be to do our best to hire in-house employees who speak fluently in the languages common to the countries we work with.

Proper hiring of individuals who meet the language criteria of the country in which the business is functioning.

This policy will prove to be beneficial for the employees and the organization through avoiding disappointment, loss of business deals, and employee and customer satisfaction. When all entities are capable of communication, the productivity on all ends will be most effective.

Part Two: International Relationships- The policy of incorporating a proper international relationship is important as a global business venture.

Aiming to work with countries that there are good international relationships.
Research expansion to avoid problems that arise with political problems of countries that do not maintain good relationship with the country of origin of Rayo Electronics.
Both employees and the organization benefit from the implementation of this policy to avoid wasting time and funds developing a business plan in areas that are not engaged in functional relations with our country.

Part Three: Culture Training- Culture training should be provided in every country that we plan to do business with.

A employee training program that is used in various cultures yet remains consistent with the company mission, vision, and policy.
Every location that we have employees in are all following the same protocol throughout the world.
The policy benefits both employees and the organization by minimizing complications and keeping protocol simple.
Part Four: Sexual Harassment- The policy clarifies how the sexual harassment guidelines should be followed based on the location.
This policy explores the various cultural roles of genders and sexual orientation in different countries to respectfully abide by a marriage of the primary sexual harassment policy of the company in conjunction with the culture of origin.
Review the cultural practices of each location of business to avoid a problem that we may not be aware of because of cultural differences.

This policy is good for the organization and employees to avoid difficult challenges that sexual harassment suits could produce.

Part Five: Secure Web-Based Communication- Providing a secure web based system for the management and employees throughout the world to discuss business.
An example would be to avoid a problem such as Sony faced during the hacking crisis. If the system is secure there is security for the company.
This policy is important to the communication policy of the company so that the organization is able to ensure secure dialogue that is not at risk of misuse.
This policy will benefit both the organization and employees to feel comfortable that the meetings and exchange of information are safe to discuss via web.

Plan of Action for Implementation of Policies

The communication manual lists the important policy that I am suggesting to Rayo Electronic Inc. Through implementation of the following policies, the organization can expect to engage in best practices in accordance with the core values of the organization to be delivered in every branch that the company operates in. The complex nature of working in a global market requires methods of communication unique to the global environment.
The following framework provided in the table of contents for the communication manual that I have developed for the organization will ensure the company to incorporate the most urgent factors given the nature of working internationally. As you have already seen, the five segments that I deem most important regarding the communication functionality within Rayo Electronics as an international company include: Language Specialists, International Relations, Culture Training, Sexual Harassment, and Security of Web-based Communication. These five I believe to be priorities as we continue to expand the areas in which the business makes the product available.
My suggestion for implementation is to create a team with the human resource department and a representative of from the different countries to begin creating a training manual. Once the manual has been developed, the executives as well as a third party expert may review the policy manual for feedback to make any adjustments that may be needed. Once this is finalized a company-wide training program should be developed and planned for various levels of employees throughout Rayo Electronics.

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