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Published: 2021/01/03

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Coral reefs form some of the most varied types of ecosystems in the world and provide tiny sea animals with an excellent shelter. Tropical oceans are mostly the habitat of this type of ecosystem. A great example of coral reef is the Great Barrier Reef which is located off the Australian Eastern Coast. Coral Reef is interdependent upon various biotic and abiotic factors which enhance its ability to survive. The amount of sunlight, salinity and depth of the water are its important abiotic factors while many animals, sponges and plants such as algae and polyps act as its biotic factors. The functions of a coral reef go to great lengths. This ecosystem provides protection against wave energy by hindering the flow of ocean currents and waves; also protects the erosion of the coastline and are the suppliers of sand to the beaches.
Biogeochemical cycle is the circulation of substantial elements such as carbon and oxygen through the biotic and physical factors. Like in carbon cycle photosynthesis and respiration take place, making it a simple two step process. In which green plants experience both of these, though fungi and animals only respire. Disturbance is an interruption or disorderly happening that causes distortion in a specific thing whereas recovery is the obtention of the former healthy state. Man-contributed factors such as oil spills and the deposition of polluting substances are a peril to the survival of the coral reefs which block the light from penetrating into the water and reaching the marine plants which stops the growth of these plants hence less oxygen and food is available to the fish, however natural occurrences such as tropical storms contribute to changes in the pH level and salinity of the water which in turn can dissolve the coral structures. Coral reefs are a source of providing a habitat to commercially valuable fish and also a source of pharmaceuticals and natural chemicals. Humans can efficiently contribute towards their sustainability by discouraging overfishing and the deposition of detrimental substances. This can cause a noticeable recovery in the coral ecosystem.



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