Essay On The Role Of The Corrections Professional In Dealing With The Myriad Of Community Issues

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This paper is a written exercise from the scenario provided in module six. The situation is the threat of sexual predation against two undercover detectives by a registered sexual predator who has been entrusted by the FBI to provide intelligence on one of their operations. The undercover detectives have noted behavior consistent with sexual provocation by the registered sexual predator towards the two detectives. The scenario has left open the questions of what should be done to resolve the issue and what actions need to be taken.
The difference between a sexual offender and predator depend on the type of offences they were engaged in; more specifically, the brutality factor comes into play. While sexual offenders would have sexual activity of direct or indirect involvement with the victim, the act of sexual predators usually leaves the victim dead or scarred for life (Piggott, 2014). The FBI informant is a sexual predator with a long rap sheet.
There is a very limited scope for sexual predators to be rehabilitated. This too revolves around the alleged predator’s successful completion of rehabilitation programs recommended by correctional facilities even after their jail sentences have concluded. The absence of such intense programs usually results in repeat offences and the predator’s return to jail. While most studies indicate that there may be no recovery for sexual offenders or predators; minority studies have suggested hope even though the percentage of the positives is close to remote.
The questions for this module are to determine the key issues in this scenario, the factors that need to be considered and the actions that are required to be taken to allow a smooth transition of activities for the undercover operations.

Key issues

This section of the paper addresses the key issues at hand that have made this scenario into a complex inter agency deadlock. There were a host of issues that the FBI did not consider when they chose to use a registered sexual predator for an informant. This has two faces to it; one hand you have a very valuable informant who has worked hard to establish himself into an organization that has proved difficult to penetrate and the second face is the part where a registered sexual predator with an extensive rap sheet becoming a star informant of the FBI. This aspect of the issue is likely to increase the daring of the convicted offender to commit more offenses knowing that he has the FBI on tow.

Employment of a sexual predator

The first aspect of the employment of a known sexual predator with a violent criminal history for a sensitive operation beats the logic of every theory that was formulated in the study of the nature of sexual predators. When the chances for rehabilitation for these individuals inside a rehabilitation center are rare; how the FBI decided that he could be give the opportunity to gather intelligence for them in the first place (Durkin, 2015). It is the FBI’s criminal behavioral science division that has done extensive studies into the pervasive minds of several repeat sexual offenders and yet, for some strange scenario, they have been ignored.

Lack of rehabilitation during stay at correctional system

It is obvious that the correctional centers that had housed Mr. Pierre in the past have failed in their attempts to rehabilitate him. Hence, the question on why he was released into society where he would immediately be constituted as a threat? There are several states that hold sexual offenders and predators long after their jail sentences to commit them to compulsory rehabilitation (Davey and Goodnough, 2007). Why did that not happen for such a habitual predator?
The job of the correctional system is not just to oversee the incarceration term of violent criminals until their sentences run out. The core responsibility of correctional facilities is to ensure that every inmate they release is not a threat to the society. Why did this not happen with Mr. Pierre who obviously wants to continue his dastardly career once more.

Threat of sexual violence towards undercover detectives

The threat of sexual violence towards women undercover detectives is not to be taken lightly. The worst case scenario would be an act of violence and even death that will explode on the faces of all law enforcement agencies involved in both operations. Not only will the humiliating story dissolve the FBI of being a responsible law enforcement agency, it will also destroy the general public’s faith in the abilities of the premier crime fighting agency in the country.
The threat is real; the predator is provoking uncomfortable reactions of his would-be victims. He is surely drawing gratification from the fruits of his actions. Without doubt, this predator is waiting for the right opportunity to act. Although the undercover detectives would have received standard police training, it is not new or uncommon for police personnel to be the victims of rape.

The due course of the law

The due course of the law in matters of sexual offenders or predators who attempt to repeat offences is to send them back to the penitentiary with a longer sentence. Although this looks like a rare scenario, the threat of returning to the jail block should be refreshed in the mind of the sexual predator. Moreover, this measure can only suffice as an attempt to diffuse the situation with the undercover federal officers. There might be no long term alternatives in curing Mr. Pierre from his infamous habit.

What are the factors that have to be considered while looking for a solution for this issue?

In any law enforcement led operation, the odds of the game are tolerated only as long as there is no immediate threat to the players involved. However, in this case, trouble is brewing steadily for the two women undercover detectives as the sexual predator grows bolder in his approach. He has moved a notch higher from staring; he has been making lewd comments about the detectives. If the comments were from an ordinary civilian, there isn’t much of a threat however; this person is a registered sexual predator who is known for his violence.
The second aspect of the scenario is that Mr. Pierre has been elevated by the FBI into a valuable informant despite his criminal reputation. Clearly the FBI would be reluctant to withdraw a deep operative based on the assumptions of two women detectives. However, in this case the escalation of a threat is eminent. A sexual predator does not have the power to control or limit the escalation of opportunities until it results in a sexually gratifying action.

What is the recommended course of action in this case?

There is only one course of action that is recommended in this case. The course of action that is recommended is to remove Mr. Pierre from his operation and place him in a rehabilitation center where he can take help from professional therapists who can try to help with controlling the pervasive urges to indulge in sexual violence. He is seen as a threat due to his interactions with the undercover detectives. Yet, the detectives are clearly not the only women that Mr. Pierre would have access to. This increases his potent as a threat immensely. When law enforcement knows that there is a threat out in society; they have to act despite their obligations to any operation. Clearly they chose the wrong ex-con for the job.


The law should be allowed to take its course and Mr. Pierre should be treated for his problem if possible or sent back to incarceration where he would have time to think about the consequences of his actions. There are several sexually motivated crimes that we have come across in the past century. They were orchestrated by some of the most devious minds who ever set foot on U.S. soil. The inactions of law enforcement allowed them to graduate into successful serial rapists and killers such as BTK, the Green River Killer, Ted Bundy, the Night Stalker and many other dastardly predators. This scenario has presented an opportunity for law enforcement to redeem their mishaps of the past. They should use it in a way that represents a change that will never tolerate the development of another successful sexual predator.


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