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Boulevard brewing was started by John McDonald in the year 1988 when he started construct the brewery in a building made of bricks. The construction was begun in Southwest Boulevard which is located in Kansas City. An old Bavarian brew house was set up using some old equipment obtained from a Bavarian brewery that had been closed. In the year 1989, Boulevard produced its first beer. The first type of beer that the company brewed was Boulevard Pale Ale. McDonald made the first delivery using his pickup truck (Boulevard, 2015). The beer was delivered to a local restaurant. In the year 1990, the company added another type of beer called Boulevard Wheat. These two types are the best selling products of the company.
In the year 2006, the company expanded and increased its capacity to 600,000 barrels annually. The initial target as contained in the business plan was 6,000 barrels. The brewing facility has been modernized through the use of engineering and architecture. The current building stands on a 70,000 square foot area; is three-storey; has a brew house that holds 150 barrels; has administrative offices and packaging lines; and has packaging lines (Boulevard, 2015). The new building is constructed next to the old brew house.
The company has a mission that focuses on producing flavorful and fresh beers through the use of the best ingredients using both new and old methods. The Boulevard beers are known for high quality, unique character; and full flavor. These beers are sold all over the Midwest as well as in selected markets. Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat beer is the most popular compared to the other product lines.
The company has used three major concentration strategies to increase its growth in the Midwest. These marketing strategies include market penetration; market development; product development. Product development is a strategy that involves the creation of new products so as to meet the needs of the consumers. Boulevard Brewing Company has used this strategy to develop different types of beers that takes care of the diverse tastes and preferences of the consumers. The Boulevard beers contain special ingredients that have been carefully selected and inspected. The company has a passion for people and aims at providing them with the best beers. The brewing process is designed in such a way that it allows the products to maximize the flavors contained in the ingredients. The beers are bottled with care so as to ensure that flavor is maintained. The supply chain of these beers is evaluated frequently so as to ensure that the quality and flavor of the beer is not compromised (Boulevard, 2015).
The bottles that hold the ales are conditioned so as to further ferment the beers. The process of conditioning bottles is an old tradition where beer continues to ferment and improve in terms of flavor (Boulevard, 2011). Bottle conditioning enables the beer to become better, fresher, and long lasting. The process of bottle conditioning involves adding small amounts of sugar and yeast to the beer before packaging. These beers are then allowed to stay within the warehouse for a period of two weeks. The temperature in the warehouse is controlled so as to allow further fermentation. The process of involves the consumption of residual oxygen that is within the beer (Boulevard, 2015). The depletion of oxygen increases the shelf life of the beers. The flavor of the beer is also increased due to further fermentation.
Boulevard Brewing Company has increased its portfolio of beers so as to meet the different needs of the consumers. The beers are categorized into three major groups that include year-round beers; seasonal beers; and smokestack series. These categories of beers contain different brands of beers. The year-round beers are available throughout the year. The seasonal beers are available at different times of the year. The smokestack series contain dark beers that are more complex, bolder, and contain higher levels of alcohol content (Boulevard, 2015). Product development is a major strategy that has enabled the company to produce different brands of beers that serve a wide market.
Market development is a strategy that Boulevard Brewing Company uses so as to increase its growth. The strategy involves the identification and development of market segments for the beers that the company is producing. The company targets customers who are currently not buying its products. Boulevard Brewing Company was initially started so as to provide beer to the local people. The company was producing Boulevard Pale Ale and had been delivering it to the local people in Kansas. The company’s target was to produce 6,000 barrels annually. The high demand for the beer encouraged the company to start targeting other markets that were not buying the beers.
The company expanded its operations and started supplying its beers throughout the Midwest. The high flavor and quality of the beers has enabled the company to attract consumers from other regions (Boulevard, 2011). The company continues to target other markets and is currently supplying to its products to other countries which include France, England, Nordic States, Belgium, and China (Boulevard, 2015). The company is focused on gaining more markets across the oceans.
Market penetration is another major strategy that the company has used to increase its growth. The company brews a new type of beer based on some of the market needs they have identified. Introduction into the market is done slowly so as to study the response of the consumers. Boulevard implements the market penetration strategy by supplying the new product to a few selected restaurants and bars (Boulevard, 2008). One of the methods that the company uses is the provision of these new beers via tap instead of packing them in bottles. The bars and restaurants are chosen strategically so as to ensure that most people get to taste the new products. The company studies the demand patterns of the local residents and makes the decision on whether to continue supplying the products or to halt the supply.
In the case of other regions, Boulevard supplies a limited number of cases of bottled beer so as to study the purchase patterns of the people. The company launches the new products so as inform people that there is a new product in the market (Boulevard, 2008). The marketing penetration strategy involves setting the prices low so as to gain a large market share quickly. Low prices enable the company to attract customers at the initial stages of launching the product. The company is able to penetrate the market and increase its market share. The company can then increase its prices gradually once it has established that there is a high demand for the beers. The customers remain loyal to the beers despite the long run increase in prices because of the high quality and flavor provided by the beer (Boulevard, 2008). Boulevard Brewing Company has been able to capture a wide market share because of their unique, flavorful, and high quality beers.
In conclusion, market concentration strategies play a very crucial role in the success and growth of a company. Boulevard Brewing Company is one company that has succeeded by employing three major marketing concentration strategies that include product development; market development; and market penetration. The company has been able to grow and expand its operations. The company has become one of the largest breweries in America.


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