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Low economic development, poverty and heavy reliance on developed nations are some of the characteristics that identify third world countries. They are also referred to as developing countries and consist mainly of most countries in Africa, Egypt being among them. The economy of Egypt has been struggling for many years because of political strife, rapid increase in population and low production in the main economic sectors et al. Manufacturing industries, for instance, are still far from making good profits that can translate in good revenue. The economy has and is still struggling with both foreign and local debts. The government’s strategies to revert the situation are helping the situation, albeit gradually. It is high time that they utilized companies to help solve the problem. By improving operations in companies and enticing more customers through meeting customer needs fully, more business will be created and more profits will be attained. More revenue will thus be received by the government which it can invest in promising sectors to improve the economy. The following lessons can be leant from Chiba International to help companies play a part in improving the economy of Egypt.
Creating a corporate philosophy is an imperative step for every company. It covers the vision and mission of the company as well as the values everyone in the company is supposed to uphold. Managers at Chiba International ensure employees are reminded of the company’s corporate philosophy everyday by availing leaflets to them. Companies in Egypt should embrace this because they will work towards achieving the objectives.
The management of Chiba certainly is aware of the importance of meetings. The performance of the company is discussed by both the management and the employees. The number of meetings should however be reduced here in Egypt. Too many meetings tire people and they end not being productive. Moreover, most Egyptians are Muslims and during Ramadan, for example, they are only permitted to work for six hours only. This little time should be maximized fully and shouldn’t be wasted by attending unending meetings.
It is always so rewarding when employees own the company and its products. One way of instilling this attitude is by asking the employees to own and love the products they sell, just like Chiba International tells its employees. Another way is to invite the employees to buy and use its products. The employees thus become customers and can easily and confidently convince customers to but the products because they too have tested the products. This is a strategy that should be embraced here in Egypt; that the role of marketing should be taken up by all employees in the company. The marketing department should however be retained and should take the lead in marketing.
There is too much focus on paper qualifications in Egypt today. Companies thus end up employing executives and employees who are not fit for the job. Moreover, so many higher schools of learning are being created by people whose minds are only geared to make profits rather than give a quality education. While considering the paper qualifications, managers should also consider the way of thinking of the people they employ. Fully qualified executives make decisions that result in more profits.
Moreover, open communication is a vital strategy for all companies in Egypt. Most employees fear their managers. They should be free to talk to and chat with their managers. That way important information will not be held up by one or a few in the name of fearing to talk to their managers. The appraisal and reward systems should be fulfilling. In addition to receiving a fair salary, all employees of the company should be recognized and rewarded for any exceeded efforts.
Customer satisfaction, motivation of employees through fair appraisal and reward systems, being aware of the company’s goals et al, attract more business for companies which translate in more profits. More profits will create more revenue for Egypt and its economy will thus be improved.

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