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Background information

The globalization process of the world started a long time ago, and the real history of this process cannot be traced. In some academic articles, the beginning of globalization is marked by the introduction of voyage that made easy for the European nation to get access to the developing countries like Africa and other Middle East Nation. The actual definition of the term globalization thus remains an area of academic debate among many scholars. For the purpose of this research work, globalization would refers to the process of international integration that arise from the interchange of world news, products, innovations, other aspects cultural aspects of handling the ever changing elements of life. The globalization process has been perpetuated by a number of factors such as advances in transportation systems like the emergence of flights to different parts of the world. The rise of telecommunications infrastructure including telephony and the Internet has been successful in promoting globalization (Samir, pp 128). The implication of the globalization process is the generation of interdependence of economic and cultural activities in different communities within the globe. Africans, on the other hand, has been obsessed with the effects of globalization by over adopting the western cultures than their cultures thus the rise of westernization of the African community.
It is very easy and simple to understand the meaning of contemporary globalization after introducing the term globalization, or else the term contemporary globalization would have still soaring different thoughts among the scholars in the business field who have consistently claimed that the two words are closely intertwined. They have argued in the past that a clear definition of globalization would lead to successful understanding of contemporary globalization (Samir, pp 174). An attempt to define contemporary globalization summarized it as the final wave of globalization that is characterized by the acceleration and fairly intensification of the technological, cultural, political, religious and economic integration. Integration of the above-mentioned factors have led to various extent of development internationally, but some confounding factors at the same time have been witnessed. Creeping of modernization as a result of contemporary globalization has raised issues in the traditional social and religious system of various society particularly Africans as a nation. Fading culture has been the key effect of contemporary globalization though several benefits have been seen at different levels of the society. These have been brought about by importing different ideas and innovations into the country. These have led to massive industrialization in some parts of the country particularly China. This research will focus on analyzing contemporary globalization in China as a nation. More weight will be placed on the factors that made the Pearl River Delta of Gaungdong Province (the old Canton region) located just to the north of Hong Kong be among the world's leading manufacturing centers. Most of the surveys and census that have recently been done in China are largely guesswork, but the appropriate population of this province would be assumed as 90 million (James, pp 407). The rate of industrialization of this province has acted as an interesting point for further debate as it seemed to be overthrowing many Americans origin manufacturing cities that in the past has been the world's center for manufacturing. The discussion will also analyze geographical set up of the place, vast opportunity that has made the province to rate at higher scales among others.

Literature review

It is worth and very important to explain the fact that China is an economy in transition, however, much it has enjoyed the enjoyed rapid economic growth and international trade for quite some periods of time (Parmesh, pp 288). The most interesting part of Pearl River Delta in Gaungdong province is that the region has very higher growth rate than even the entire nation. The launch and reform of China in late 1970s have had a positive impacts of rapid economic and trade growth of Pearl River Delta alongside other two cities in the region. The Pearl River Delta has a regional growth rate of GDP of 16.6% from the year 2002 to 2003. This figure is 2.3% higher than Guangdong province and also higher than the national total by a margin of 7.3%. The said rapid growth and momentum of this region than expected has been the core region why this study was planned to be conducted in this amazing region. Enough literature on the factors that has promoted the steady growth of this region is yet be established as some of them were well elaborated in this study. The city region of Pearl River Delta has a good historical background in either passive or active opening to the outside world which has been the key championship in the development and the growth of this region. The reviewed records showed that the city lies at the center of various foreign countries that were interested in carrying out the business and transforming the region (James, pp 334). It is said that British had its base in Hong Kong at the same time French also got to establish its base in Gaungzhou Wan in 1898 and Portuguese could not wait to grab their operation base at Macao in 1553. Apart from these European nations that helped in facilitating economic growth of this region, the place also got added advantage from its strategic geographical location that gave it access to the South Seas and the west. Finally, there were adequate natural resources within the region that could also attributed to the rapid economic growth for the region (James, pp 381). The study will explore the impacts of contemporary globalization in Pearl River Delta in Guangdong province of China.
In the book, the Tropic of Chaos, Parenti offered a very brilliant ecological, economic analysis. The book centered on the relationship between capitalism and the natural world. It is, therefore, true that welcoming contemporary globalization into a country is one step in supporting economic growth and development for a given country (Kate, pp 126). The Pearl River Delta could not have reached that high level of rapid economic growth if it were not the financial aids from the European countries that participated in massive industrialization of the region. Several factories and industries were established in the region with the help of Portuguese, French, and Britain that were in constant war to become more popular within the region. Vast technological skills were achieved in this area because of frequent interaction among different populations within the region. These skills were very crucial for the development and sustainability of industrial growth in Pearl River Delta. It was evident that Gaungdong province in China is the most metropolitan region in the entire China with most of it occupants from western countries of Europe. The status has promoted mutual economic growth due contemporary globalization (Kate, pp 126).
Contemporary globalization has made several positive contributions in Guangdong province and also China as a nation. But is it not disputed that the later has various negative implication on the life of common Chinese citizens. The inflated price of food staffs can be mentioned as one of the key effects of contemporary globalization in China. Today, China is undergoing serious food shortages in the entire nation. The recent studies conducted on this emerging problem in China has been attributed to the contemporary globalization in the region especially in Guangdong. Intense industrialization in the region has shifted the people' attention from indigenous crop farming for food to the other cash crop system of farming. Many crops in the area are meant for processing in the factories (Jonathan, pp 728). The final products are exported outside the country for foreign exchange. This has finally placed the Chinese population at a great hunger strike nation.
Industrialization within the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong has been identified with constant environmental population in China. Heavy industries that are located within the province for Iron mining among other activities has been the link to high environmental rate in the land. Polluted environment has been known to have considerable effects on the general health of the population as well as the productivity of the land. Today most parts of China is rendered infertile due to the pollution effects from the waste products that are released from the factories. The worst of these polluting products are the gaseous emission from the manufacturing industries that majors on chemical manufacturing. Emission of such gaseous byproducts has been linked to several health problems among the Chinese population (Hollingsworth, pp 616)
Lastly, it has been observed that exchange of ideas from the European countries and different in ideology has considerably influenced Chinese tradition. Many Chinese population have abandoned their culture and opted to follow the western cultures. It is even said that good numbers of Chinese populations changed their religions (Jonathan, pp 322).  This has received by different forms of conflicts from within the citizens as some group in the population tends to feel superior to other colleges in the within the same land. Contemporary globalization also brought considerable changes in cultural practices among the Chinese population. Majority of the Chinese population abandoned their culture and opted for the western cultures which they happened to copy from Portuguese and other European origins who came to live among them. Adoption of European cultures further affected the livelihood system of most of the Chinese as some group of people were witnessed to be adopting other means of living that could fit their new mode of cultures (Parmesh, pp 177)
In conclusion, the paper has discussed various aspects of contemporary globalization. It began by giving the definition of the both the term globalization and the contemporary globalization. China as a nation has been used as an example to show how various aspect of contemporary globalization can tilt the economic growth of a nation. The place that has always attracted the attention of many researchers for studies was Pearl River Delta of Guangdong province in China and the paper analyzes different forms of contemporary globalization in the same locality mentioned above.


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