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Midbrain is the cause of action or conduct between the forebrain and the hindbrain. Its upper part creates corpora quadrigemina, and its part creates the main stalk of an inflorescence of the brain. The deferent functions and the roles played by this part that includes brainstem brought about are influenced by the respiratory muscles.. According to the video, the coordinated conditions of the larynx and oral facial absorbent are managed by the midbrain of the corpora periaqueductal gray by controlling the way the sound of laughing and crying.
Corpus Callosum is the most important neural pathway that links homologous cortical parts of the two cerebral hemispheres that are found in the major parts of the brain. The study in the video suggests that the Corpus Callosum combines data across cerebral hemispheres which performs and give rise to function in inter-hemispheric communication in the whole system of the brain.
The prefrontal cortex articulated in a way that activations in this area of the brain occur during logic, relatively to non-semantic. The duties for the formation of words to logic signal or the separation of words or pictures into logic categories are also articulated in the prefrontal cortex.
Split-brain is a term to explain the outcome after Corpus Callosum has joined the two hemispheres of the brain is sliced to a certain extent. It is a combination of symptoms generated by the interruption of or interference with the linkage between the hemispheres of the brain system. The image observed in the left visual field is forwarded to the right side of the brain and most persons the speech control middle place on the left side of the system of the brain.
The theory of "brain lateralization" which states the idea of the two halves found in the brain's cerebral cortex known as the left and right produce or execute different activities and functions. This theory was developed and founded by Nobel Prize Roger Sperry and Robert Ornstein.
This theory is true because it helps us to evaluate and understand our behavior, personality, creativity, and our ability that are invisible physically.

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