Example Of What Matters To You, AND Why? (222 Words) Personal Statement

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Published: 2023/04/10

Please provide a statement that addresses your reason for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. (361 words)

While I do not like to think of myself as better than anyone else, I know that I am a highly ambitious person. I want to transfer in order to feed this need to achieve and excel. What I need is the best education that I can strive to get, and to be one of the best experts in my major and field. I already know that I have achieved so much in my life already, having moved across the globe to study in a language that I am not proficient in. I have made the Dean’s List at California State, even though at first it was so difficult for me to perform well because of my lack of proficiency in English. I tackled this shortcoming head on, by getting involved in all the cultural literature that America had to offer, like reading classics and watching critically acclaimed films. With my fellow teammates at California State’s Eco Car 3 Club, we created a green model of a Chevrolet Camaro. We wanted to creatively design mechanical and electrical systems that would have less of a harmful impact on the environment, and through our camaraderie and dedication, we have succeeded in doing so.
I have a good education. I have had the means to work together with great team members that have provided me proper hands-on experience. But from these experiences, I can see more potential in myself to be a better individual and to work harder. I feel that I can accomplish anything with more access to knowledge, diversity and professionalism.
I want to be an electrical engineer for Boeing, working on projects that are focused on autopilot systems. I am aware that this will be a difficult path for me to take. The obstacles that I may face in the future could be harder than anything I expect or imagine, but I at least know that I have the capabilities and the confidence in myself to try to overcome them. What I need is the means to have more opportunities that can guide me to my dream of being an electrical engineer, and what I can offer is dedication and perseverance.
Stanford students possess an intellectual vitality. Reflect on an idea or experience that has been important to your intellectual development. (238 words)
The intricacies of what makes a machine work have always been mesmerizing to me. I used to deconstruct the mechanical toys I was given as a child, in order figure out how they worked with my own eyes. One of these toys that I remember pulling apart was this battery-operated car. I wanted to utilize the battery’s power in order to make the toy use its electrical energy to last longer. I tried to replace the chips that came with the toy with modified chips. I have destroyed so many toys by doing this, yet some, like this toy car, were successful. I desired to improve the efficiency of these toys, and my favorite ones with were always the toy cars and airplanes.
Getting actively involved in tearing apart these gifts in order to figure out how they function, and trying to piece them back together taught me the initial deep understanding that I have for mechanical and electrical engineering. At first, it was all trial and error, but the way I played with my toys set up the foundation necessary to enrich my intellectual capability of learning new concepts about electrical engineering. If am not working on anything, I will seek opportunities to teach myself coding in order to simulate my plans and ideas for an efficient autopilot program. Amazed at what my own hands can do, I gained the passion and motivation to pursue this field.
Virtually all of Stanford’s undergraduates live on campus. Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will your roommate – and us – know you better. (246 word limit)
I want you to know how I would be feeling when I meet you for the first time. I expect that I would be very excited to start a new life, and I would be very anxious at the same time to realize that my life has changed completely by coming to this campus. I would sincerely hope that we could be friends.
I want you to know I am not from around here. I am from Saudi Arabia, and while you may already have pre-conceived ideas of what life is like over there, maybe you will learn a thing or two about how my culture can be different and similar to yours in ways that you probably never really considered. I want to expand my horizons and learn about your culture and perspectives. I want my English to be proficient enough so that I can have meaningful conversations with you.
I want you to know that I carry a dictionary with me all the time in order to make sure that I learn about what you are saying. I want to be able to use these words in order to express my thoughts.
I want you to know that I miss my home dearly, but I am so excited to share my experiences with you. Who knows what kinds of hobbies we may share, but what we do share is a thriving for excellence. We can certainly find common ground there.

Machines and computers now govern our lives. Sometimes, horrific accidents happen; some may have been preventable given the right amount of attention or expertise. It shouldn’t be this way, that the very things we rely on so much can put us in harm’s way when it has the potential to keep us safe during times of danger.
Efficiency and safety matter most to me. A company can generally benefit tremendously from employees and researchers that give efficient, cost-effective, energy saving, environmentally friendly, and safe tools to work with. A better functioning machine that is well designed and stable can provide comfort and confidence from consumers. Having an exceptionally well-designed system in an airplane can actually provide the safety and emotional comfort that flyers will need when there are signs of trouble. It’s a necessity if that system would benefit the environment as well, since we need to take care of our planet.
Lately, there have been too many horrific airplane accidents. Today, we do have the technology to improve upon our current system of functioning, but there are not enough people in the world with the proper expertise to contribute. That’s what matters to me – I want to be able to be that helping hand when it is needed. I don’t think there is anything less fulfilling than to make a difference.

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