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Published: 2020/12/07

In the book, Claire of the Sea Light, a story of tragedy and love unfolds in Ville Rose, Haiti. A quote inside the book epitomizes the trouble and bad luck encapsulated in the lives of various people and the entire setting. Laurent stated that the heat in the room and the problems with the frogs signified that something bad would happen. I presume that the character believes that frogs are a bad omen and heat symbolizes bad eventualities. His assertions hold some water as other societies and cultures regards frogs and toads a prominent symbol linked with things that might happen in the future.
Toads and frogs are known for their magical properties because they can be able to predict weather and determine someone’s luck. Famous folklore, superstitions, and omens surround toads and frogs. In some sections of Appalachia, people believe that when a frog croaks at the middle of the night, it might rain. However, some societies consider frogs’ croaking as a sign for something bad – storms. Moreover, an old British narrative connects drying frogs in pouches around the neck and prevention of seizures. While some cultures regard the presence of frogs in or around the house as good luck, others see their presence as bad luck.
Today, many communities and cultures around the world still believe that frogs signify either good things or bad things are bound to occur. For instance, in Ireland, some residents still use frogs to predict the weather. A community in the country keeps frogs so that they can be able to foretell things that will occur in the future. Therefore, it is not surprising when Laurent uses frogs to assume that something bad might occur.

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