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Published: 2021/02/02

Food Inc. documentary carries a very important message, that animals should not be treated like machines. Disregarding this is not healthy both for them and for us. Nowadays food industry can be quite disgusting. Animals are not treated with respect from the moment they are born and until their death. They live in unnatural conditions, eat feed, which is not typical for them and grow bigger than they are supposed to be. Interfering in natural order of things results in bad animals’ health, which impacts our wellbeing greatly. The desire to make everything cheaper results in disregarding animals’ rights. It is easy not to notice our responsibility for the quality of animals’ lives since they cannot confront us. It does not matter if an animal is our pet or production unit. We depend on them just as much as they depend on us.
The main problem at this point is lack of information. Customers are not aware what is their food made of, how were plants and animals grown. But this information will not be available unless consumers ask for it. People nowadays tend to look for cheap and fast food. Low quality junk food became more affordable than the nutritious one. Food companies began using corn excessively in almost every product since it allowed them to keep the price of ingredients down. Since growing corn is rather cheap, it is a good idea to use it in more creative ways than just for food. For example, corn ethanol is fully biodegradable and results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline. (Energy.gov, 2015). This way it is harmless to the environment.
Unfortunately, using corn for feeding cows leads to completely opposite results. Because of this high-tech industry solution the number of e. coli bacteria increased dramatically. It caused a few infection outbreaks during the same day and even death of 2-year-old boy Kevin. Obviously, we cannot state that our food is not safe. The law which would have allowed USDA to shut down the plants, which produce contaminated meat, could not pass for years. The government is responsible for all the consequences, even unintended since it should protect consumers. But instead of fixing systematic problems, the system is using new solutions which help it to survive.
The only way to get safe food nowadays is too eat healthy naturally produced food. But for the average middle class family it is not an option. Cheeseburgers are much cheaper than fruit and vegetables, but they have a hidden cost. Due to unsustainable food people are getting sick much more often. The epidemic of type 2 diabetes is rising dramatically even among children. The problem has grown to such a big extend because many people do not want to be aware what is their food made of. They often think that if they do not know, it will not hurt them. The industry doesn’t want you to know the truth about what you are eating, because if you knew you might not want to eat it. (Take Part Inc., 2015) But the main point of the movie is to demand healthier safer food and to vote for the food we want to support.


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