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Development and Expansion is the basic right for almost every organization of the world, and these are some aspects that can never be derailed from the perspective of them (Burke and Cooper, 2006). Expansion analysis and its physical adherence are very challenging for the organizations because it will employ number of strategies and functions to be opted and selected for the same. It is very important for an enterprise to get in touch with regular development and expansion in order to maintain their significance and competence in a specific time period (Burke, Clarke and Cooper, 2011).
Likewise enterprises, schools and educational institutes also have the basic right to expand their business with a positive mindset and attitude to exaggerate their line of business. For an educational institute or a school, the expansion goes in the term of becoming a university or school. The main objective of this assignment pertains to the expansionary vision of an educational institute, Playmouth University (PU) that will later on name and transformed as University Commercial Services Plymouth Ltd (UCSP). It is required to answer six different questions that related specifically to the case study by employ different theoretical concepts in it wherein it is applicable. The assignment is bifurcated into different sections to cover the things completely.

As per the case study, PU is an organization that provides higher and intact education with its physical location at South West of England (Burke, Clarke and Cooper, 2011). It has a great heritage of different people and management. It was one of the largest educational institutes working in the area of the United Kingdom (UK) in the consideration to have effectiveness in the market (Dessler, 1980).

Analysis & Findings

Main Triggers of Change
People management skills and functions are very significant and effective for the sake of an organization, and every organization is required to comply effective with the factors of People Management in order to maintain the credibility from their employees (Dessler, 2004). From the case study, it is clear that UCSP has undergone many changes during a certain time period that associated with their political, cultural and organizational contexts (Lengnick-Hall and Lengnick-Hall, 1990).
UCSP has now transform into a Commercial University and has been given a name of an Enterprise; therefore the organization is required to maintain their environment like a domestic organization. From the case study, it is clear that there were 85 employees were working in the PU, which was later on shifted to the UCSP to populate this subsidiary. Most of the employees of the company are female. In terms of political changes, it might happen that the University would experience Student’s Federations or Informal Groups which may dismantle things during their activities (Lengnick-Hall and Lengnick-Hall, 1990). The management has to aware their employees about this political change, and should inform the basic pros and cons of this particular change that is expected to take place within the company during its expansion and formation. Apart from this, there are some cultural changes and organizational changes as well that will be associating with the UCSP while enhancing their ways to subsidiaries like it may increase the level of diversity within the workplace (Lengnick-Hall and Lengnick-Hall, 2003). For the organizational context, the employees would become more demanding and challenging while working in the new subsidiary and they have to maintain this particular significance in the market for a definite time period. All of these triggers are important and the company has to get aware with these things in order to positively react over any issue or problem that may arise in the future for them.

HR Department PU

Every department of an organization is important for their long run efficacy and operations; however the working of Human Resources Management (HRM) department is very effective and fruitful. It is very important for the entities to maintain high significance among the operations of the HR department of a company to get in touch with different things. From the case study, it is clear that UCSP relies heavily over the working of the HR department with their parent company, which is PU. There are two answers that needed to be given in this particular section of the report (Lengnick-Hall and Lengnick-Hall, 2003).
According to the case study, the catering department of UCSP is not doing an exceptional job in university, and the company has to hire professionals’ cooks and chefs from outside during the arrangement of different things and aspects (Lengnick-Hall and Lengnick-Hall, 2003). The HR can play their role in improving the working of the catering department accordingly like applied some benefits with the position or take some stringent actions against the employees who are not giving their efforts for the company.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing

The current era of industrialization is very strong and high; therefore the companies are now becoming more and more aware with the latest happenings within the industry (Lengnick-Hall and Lengnick-Hall, 1988). It is important for the companies to be competitive within their operations to have a better future ahead, and it is only possible if the level of cost efficiency would be on a higher scale for them. After the current economic crisis, the thing which highlighted exclusively on the main scenario for the cost efficiency purpose is Outsourcing.
In the field of business, outsourcing is a business practice in which an organization involves the contract out of a business process to another party. It basically transferring of rights to hire the employees of a company to any other firm, and most of the times, organizations do it in order to decrease their operational cost for the effectiveness of the company (Sims, 2002). From the case study, it is found that UCSP is not in the favor of outsourcing the provision of their catering and nursery based services. Some of the major advantages and disadvantages that will be associated with the company is as follows

Advantages of Outsourcing for UCSP

The level of swiftness and expertise will be increased through the outsourcing as employees with relevant skills and experience can join the companies’ directly
Outsource is a morale support that gives enough time to an individual to strengthen their core line of business instead of wasting much of their time on the hiring and recruitment process
The factors of risk sharing is involved in hiring process y sharing their responsibilities with some of the major companies accordingly
The factor of outsourcing will certainly decreased the operational and recruitment cost for UCSP and it will be essential for them to take part in different pieces of operations

Disadvantages of Outsourcing for UCSP

Exposing of important and confidential data is one of the major problems for UCSP while outsourcing their nursery and catering procedure to the third party because the company has to share everything with them (Sims, 2002)
There are some hidden costs are there for UCSP while outsourcing their business to the parties which will endanger their line of business in a given time scale
It might happen that the outsourcing company may not have a detailed and complete focus over the area of expertise and business of UCSP that may derail their functions from the market

Redundancy as an Option for UCSP

Unemployment has now become gangrene and a curse for our society and this particular gangrene affected the company heavily during the current economic crisis. During the current economic crisis there were many jobs which were laid off. Redundancy means to lay off the jobs of the employees. There are two types of redundancies are there that associated in this particular scenario as well which are deliberate redundancy and volunteer redundancy (Sims, 2002).
UCSP is advised to arrange a big meeting with all of their employees and furnish the entire scenario before them to apprise them regarding the employment aspects. Also tell them that all the employees working for PU are now transferred to UCSP but with new conditions and line of working with new laws and regulations. The company has to give an option to the employees of the company to have GOLDEN HAND SHAKE opportunity from which they can get volunteer redundancy from the company. In this way, the company is entitled to compensate their employees who want a volunteer redundancy in order to prevent from any discrimination and unlawful dismissals.
The second option which the company has to apply for the redundancy to let the employees to select or withdraw from any job they are not comfortable with. In this way, the employees have the chance and the opportunity to take the challenge of a specific job which will certainly help them to put their hundred percent efforts for the long term significance of the company particularly.

Setting up the New Subsidiary

Setting up a new subsidiary in a marketplace is not an easy task, and it requires lots of time to manage the things in a perfect manner. From the case study of UCSP, it is clear that the staff pertain to these services will be transferred from University of Plymouth as an Employer to the new Business Entity-UCSP (Sims and Quatro, 2005).
The process of transferring the current employees from the PU to the new business entity is very simple, in which the company has to have a detailed discussion with all the potential employees which have the ability to become employer in the new business place. Appraise their prior working with the company and furnish the commitment and expectation of the company from them to work in the new business entity. All this process should include to involve the new compensation and benefit aspects that be associating with the employees of the company after joining UCSP as an employer with their major duties which they have to perform in a given time period (Snell, Morris and Bohlander, 2016).

The stages of transferring and setting the staff in the new business along with the time frame is as follows

Stage-1: Arranging of a Grand meeting with all the employees of the company which will be arrange in within 10 or 20 days after the new business operation take place
Stage-2: Check out the Feasibility of the Employees is the second stage in which the company is expected to analyze the level of feasibility of their employees to fit in the new places
Stage-3: Apprising them regarding their line of jobs, contract and the compensation they will entitled to received after joining the new subsidiary of UCSP

Stage-4: This stage pertains to the final deployment of the Candidates who found interactive within their business operations.

It is very important for UCSP to ask everything from the employees before its physical execution. It is one of the most important processes from which UCSP can develop a strong psychological contract with the employees of the company (Snell, Morris and Bohlander, 2016). Let the employees talk about their interest and inclination, and then moving towards the main line of execution will certainly makes the new employees of the company to have a great psychological contract with the company particularly. It will help the employees to satisfy their core needs in the market place.
The preference of the students and the University Staff is totally different than each other, as the University staff is happy to have yearlong contract with the Children but the students of University prefer short periods for the session.
There is a conflict found in the preferences of the University Staff and the Students, and it will create numerous amounts of employment issues within the company. First of all, there is a conflict found among the customer needs and service orientation which not only ill-satisfied the needs of the customers as well as the employees working in the same area. It may happen that the level of employees’ turnover will increase with the passage of time in the company that will not be essential for the company anymore (Snell, Morris and Bohlander, 2016).
It is not always the case that the employees of a company are happy with the proposed conditions made and implemented by the employers. This particular case will be applied on the scenario of UCSP as well. In order to overcome on the staff issues, the management of UCSP has to undertake Management Bi Objective (MBO) approach in consideration from which they will be in direct connection with the employees of the company and listen their problems and issues while working in the company. It is not an expensive process for the company, and it will not bother the company anymore, however it will be very effective for the company to increase the level of satisfaction among their employees with a positive mindset.


Employees are very important for an organization, as they contributes wonderfully well in the effectiveness of an organization with a positive frame of mind. Every organization which intends to flourish in a given market is required to mobilize their employees through effectiveness and by giving benefits to them.
The main theme of this paper also connects with the employment and staffing issues of a company with the name of UCSP, which was previously known as PU. The analysis is based upon a specific case study that associated with this assignment and there are six different questions that needed to be answered in this particular analysis. The analysis also revealed that UCSP is very effective in its services, and they are doing an exceptional job in terms of maintaining their position in the market and satisfying the needs of their employees in a best possible manner that will inflate their productivity in future.


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