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‘Friends’ is one the most watched sitcom in the world. Its unique representation of diverse characters along with their cultural aspects creates a sense of belongingness with the content among the audiences from different cultures and backgrounds. Globalisation and advancements in Information and communication Technologies (ICTs) bestows easy access of the global media content to the global audience. Such prospects blurred the boundaries of cultural milieus of different demographics. Narrative transparency allows audience members of different cultures to project their own stories, values, myths and meanings into a foreign text, making them derive meanings as if the text was locally produced (Olson, 1999). Fisher’s (1985) concept of narrative rationality, which examines the truth and coherence of a story, also holds important implications for audience members who interpret a foreign text. Friends has a relatively impact on the audiences of Canada (me) as per the Olson’s theory.
American media products are being transferred to different demographics of the world. The products are wrapped with certain interesting attributes that lends them a global and cultural appeal. However, according to many thinkers, Hollywood is associated with media imperialism, and creates a globally-dispersed western monoculture. Various studies have suggested that when consumed over a period of time, American media products, for example Friends, may influence how an audience member in a foreign country may feel, dress, and act (McMillin, 2002; Olson, 1999). The content of the episode (Friends) establishes a diverse cultural platform for me, which influences cross-cultural pedagogy of my own cultural background. For instance, I can relate Canadian girls with the female characters of the episode along with their characteristics like regularly out-going, fashionable, and obsessive-compulsive with cleanliness etcetera. Similarly, men are like looking for dates always, spending time in coffee house while hanging out with friends’ etcetera. Every aspect of the episode has connotations with certain cultural perspectives that enough power to Americanise my culture. The cultural aspects of the sitcom are proactive and can be experienced as already mingled with our contemporary traditions.


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