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Identify 30 articles and list the variables:

Scientific Causal Model: [the experiences of the consumers about a product or service can either be positive or negative]
Figure 1: Customer satisfaction
[Goal (customer satisfaction)]
Goal-0: Studies have established that the highly reputed brands are also expected to meet high consumer expectations and be superior in service delivery. Based on past researches, clients positively identify with brand repute. the relationship influences the customers’ perception of the products’ performance and value (Sarkar Sengupta et al., 2015) p. 665.”
I agree to the goal. Consumers attach value to a brand based on the expected benefits
Goal-1: Customer satisfaction can be described as what customers believe they stand to gain and achieve from a product, since they have expectations that have to be met during the consumption period. The level of customer satisfaction affects the their retention, loyalty and repeat purchases (Bandaru et al., 2015) p. 265-266.”
I agree to the goal. When consumers are satisfied, they are bound to return to the company and purchase more as there goals are met.
Goal-2: Marketing experts allude to the fact that companies that pay much attention and put more resources in product quality reap long term benefits though the investment costs may be high. Past on the research on secondary literature, product quality determines the level of consumer satisfaction (Frank, Herbas Torrico, Enkawa, & Schvaneveldt, 2014) p. 567.”
I agree to the goal. Quality comes with many efforts in product quality and improvements. To realize this, the companies must invest heavily in the value chain and meet the consumer needs.
Goal-3: the ability of a firm to realize customer satisfaction is based on the standards of the service provided and its quality. service quality forms the foundation of customers ‘satisfaction (Hussain, Al Nasser, & Hussain, 2015) p.167.”
I agree to the goal. To compete well, the service quality must be the pinnacle of marketing and competitive positioning.
Goal-4: “Customer satisfaction is a mark of the consumers’ emotional stimuli based on the realized experiences with a service provider, either once or repeatedly (Mendoza & Maldonado, 2014) p. 5.”
I agree to the goal. The best way to enhance consumer experiences is through relationship management that is built over time.
Goal-5: “a customer' fulfillment response entails the judgment about the products or services features, given that there is a fulfillment of the desired pleasurable level. There can be over or under fulfillment in this case. (Jayasundara) p. 1.”
I agree to the goal. The response given by a consumer is dictated by the realized experiences. When the perceived satisfaction is not achieved, there will be negative response and vice versa.
[Factor 1 (Product Quality)]
F1-0: “focuses on the basic features of product quality: the basic features are divided into the primary characteristics and the secondary characteristics. The primary feature are the operational elements while the secondary elements relate to the. the product quality is also based on its conformity to the set standards (Trentin et al., 2012) p. 851.”
F1-1: “can be noted by looking at the perceived product attributes, gauging the desired characteristic and coming up with a ranking system (Forker, 1991) p. 64.”
F1-2: “Product quality not only affects its returns but also help make it more valuable in the market and protect it from the market rivalries and the dynamic macroeconomic forces (Kroll, 1999) p.375.”
F1-3: “quality can be viewed as an exact and quantifiable variable. The differences in product qualities are an indication of the differences in some aspects of ingredients or attributes. (Garvin, 1984) p. 1.”
F1-4: “Quality means implies ability of the product to comply to some specifications anywhere, any time (Garvin, 1984) p. 1.”
F1-5: “customer s may subjectively gauge quality however; the common practice is to look at what an individual attributes quality to. (Toivonen, 2012) p. 160.”
[Factor 2 (service quality)]
F2-0: “Service quality entails a tactical variable aimed at ensuring that there are efficient and effective business operations. Based on past researches, service quality affects the post-buying behavior, like perceived satisfaction and value (Chua et al., 2015) p. 131.”
F2-1: “ this is the process through which the consumers evaluate the real value against his/her expectations (Jayasundara) p. 1.”
F2-2: “Service quality has both concrete and intangible features that cannot be easily measured. They include the level of trust, luxury, capacity, and these perceptions vary (Akdag, Kalaycı, Karagöz, Zülfikar, & Giz, 2014) p. 239.”
F2-3: “Service quality is the basis of the long-term success of company, and attainment of markets’ competitive advantage (Huang, Lin, & Fan) p. 1-2.”
F2-4: “Service quality entails the success with which an e-commerce platform ensures efficiency and effectiveness in online ordering process” (Lee & Wu, 2011) p. 7767.”
F2-5: “Service quality entails the level with which the customers attain satisfaction against the previously perceived value (Ling & Chong, 2005) p. 816.”
[Factor 3 (Price quality)]
F3.0: this is that which is sacrificed by the consumer to access a service or product. the objective price stand for the actual price paid while the perceived price entails the subjective insight of the real product price (Chua et al., 2015) p. 133.”
F3.1: “to consumers, there is a relationship between prices and qualities. In a retail store, buyers relate prices with quality and vice versa. Cheaper products are perceived as of lower quality and vice versa (Yoon, Oh, Song, Kim, & Kim, 2014) p. 2091.”
F3.2: price should not be used as the measure of quality. quality should be determined by the value of the product (Vlaev, Chater, Lewis, & Davies, 2009) p. 722.”
F3.3: based on r research, price–quality marketing strategies can meaningfully progress company performance if they meet the dynamics of the operating environments (Zhou, Su, & Bao, 2002) p. 350.”
F3.4: price and quality are noticeable attributes. That is, price of brands under the high quality clusters are regarded higher than those in the low-quality clusters
(Sivakumar, 1995)p. 266.”
F3.5: “this entails the price levels of products’ categories, their classes, and price ranges in a given product group (Lichtenstein & Burton, 1989) p. 429.”
[Factor 4 (Marketplace)]
F4-0: marketplace ritual entails a well-organized, representative, and constant activity that offers complete for the consumers and enhance their experiences, goals and aspirations (Otnes et al., 2012) p. 367.”
F4-1: “Marketplace entails an electronic platform where the registered users meet for a sale over the internet. Many markets today have taken online advertising seriously as a way of enhancing sales and meeting buyers (Kim, Kwon, & Chang, 2011) p. 4234.”
F4-2: “an e-marketplace is defined as the place where buyers and sellers meet and conduct business, more efficiently (Chang & Wong, 2010) p. 262.”
F4-3: “this is a space that simplifies an exchange of goods/services and electronic data by thousands of buyers/sellers (Matook, 2013) p. 1065.”
F4-4: “E-marketplaces allow for lower purchasing costs because of the capability of the parties to meet and transact with numerous people. Regrettably, the market is prone to fraud and victimizations e
F4-5: “this is a virtual market with features similar to the traditional markets. The marketplaces deploy information technology tools that help match particular buyers and sellers (Christidis & Mentzas, 2013) p. 4370.”

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