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Endangered species are those who are on the verge of extinction, they are a gift of nature that we are about to lose. Saying that we are wasting our resources by trying to save them is a complete disrespect to the nature and its creations. It cannot be agreed upon at any cost. The species that are endangered have reached this level because of human acts only. We are whole and responsible for this state of those species, thus it becomes our moral duty to save them from becoming extinct.
All the organisms are a part of the ecological system and hence are interlinked to each other in some way or the other. If we lose a particular animal out of this chain, it will mean disturbing the whole natural cycle. And as matter of fact, any disturbance in the work of nature leads to catastrophic effects on the human lives.
The state where a particular animal is going to extinct has been reached due to ruthless human activities like poaching; it is the human beings who have brought those animals to the verge of becoming extinct. It was a mistake that our forefathers made, shouldn’t we be responsible enough to rectify their mistake and save those lives?
The animals since time unknown are providing us medicines; they are one of the most valuable sources of modern medicines. For example, leeches now are becoming an important part of surgery due to their anticoagulant properties; Brazilian viper’s venom is used to make hypertension medicines; Sharks help in the study of different forms of brain tumor (, 2015). So can we really say that it is just we who are saving them? Aren’t they doing a lot more good to us? By saving them we are indirectly saving ourselves. Be it a selfish reason, at least the animals will be saved!
Nature has gifted us a very rich biodiversity, it is on us how we protect it. Every life is precious; we need to be sensitive enough towards the lives of other organisms. We are the most superior, intelligent and powerful species on the Earth. It becomes our moral responsibility to save the weaker ones. It is like we are a family, we are the parents and they are the kids, we should protect them with all our might and soul! We are lucky enough to be a part of the system where still there is huge variety of organisms; shouldn’t we pass this priceless heritage to our children? Can we really be this selfish?
Talking about the economic losses that we may incur while making efforts to save them, what these organisms have given us is way more than what we are spending on them. They are balancing the nature which we are a vital part of. Thus we are not saving them, we are indirectly saving ourselves. We are actually not being generous, we are just being selfish. And this little act of selfishness can save those millions of innocent lives.
Different organizations are doing their bit to save these animals; we should extend them a supportive hand and become a part of their initiative. The World Wildlife organization is actively taking measures to save different varieties of organisms; they are trying every bit to save every endangered species. They are thus making our planet a healthier one (, 2015). We all should join such organizations and do as much as we can to save the gifts of nature.

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