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Romeo and Juliet are living in an environment with strict cultural and traditional beliefs. Verona, as described in the novel is composed of people of different cultures and backgrounds. Their backgrounds have also lead to a series of issues, causing enmity between families. The nature of the enmity is so deep that interactions are not allowed between the families. Verona has also been described as chaotic with frequent cases of murder and killings. Romeo and Juliet find themselves in a situation that requires them to be lovers, yet they are limited by the fact that their families are enemies. From the readings, it is clear that they had a good a understanding of their surrounding and realized that a love relationship between them will be impossible. However, they realize that the bond of love between them is so strong that not even their parents can prevent them from being married. Their secret marriage and the events that happened shortly after their wedding complicated matters for the two lovers (Novy 365). They fight through every battle until when the challenges of being away from each other turns tragic as they both commit suicide.
Even though many other people around them recognize and even appreciate the strong bon d of attraction between Romeo and Juliet, they give up on the fact that a love relationship can exist between them. The nurse, who was a loyal and confidant friend to Juliet, advises her to give up on Romeo, and marry the choice of her parents. Romeo and Juliet were living in an environment where young people had no power to choose marriage partners but had to marry whomever their parents felt was fit. The conflict is so deep that the elders cannot trust their young children to choose marriage partners for them. Despite all this, Romeo and Juliet rose up to defile a culture and tradition that has been held by their people. They decide to do the extra ordinary, realizing the consequences they were exposing themselves to. The night when Romeo and Juliet were to consummate, Juliet hears of the tragic news where Romeo killed her kinsman. As painful as it was, it did not deter him from pursuing the love of her life. This is the moment he realized that his love for Romeo was way above the love she had for her kinsmen.
Just like many lovers who seem to have their own world, different from the real world, Romeo and Juliet were engrossed in a world of their own. They developed different interests and traditions that were contrary to the world they were in. they even went ahead to pursue their desires, oblivious of the consequences that will occur to them. They are definitely not well informed of the things that are happening in their background which ultimately led to their death. For instance, if Romeo was informed of the prior trick to have Juliet take a concoction that will make her look dead, he would not have committed suicide (Novy 362). The two lovers were working with people who did not give them the required support. None of their close confidant told Romeo that Juliet was not dead and that she would wake up and two would enjoy life together without their disturbance. The peek of the story is most probably the most interesting. The death of the two lovers transformed the community and their families forever. For the fist time, their parents put aside their difference in honor of their children and there was peace in the Verona.

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