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Page 30 Question 1,2,3
“Veiled value system” refers to that type of politics that is not clear. These values have a dominant factor of resentment as well as guilt. It shows the political life that is without any true religion.
I don’t think so; our politics have some religion.
Asma is somewhat right in the claim. We are considering more about the environment than religion as a whole. This thinking could decrease our view of pure religion.
In my opinion, guilt is not necessarily important for a cohesive society. In fact, working for each other (without guilt) is essential for living a daily life.

Page 38 Question 1,2,3

Fame has been presented as a thing that is in the form of unattainable ideal. Mass media fame has become a central point in the lives of many people in our culture. Getting popularity as a celebrity has become important as they are praised everywhere.
Hollywood celebrities are highly praised and are considered as gods, who are like us but without imperfections. Our culture has a great desire of achieving that level.
Personality is the person in actual life and persona portrays a person in a play. There is a brief relationship between them, and famous people sometimes try to blur this distinction.

Page 49 Question 1,2,3

Marketplace can change the outlook on life, so it is important to have a greater moral control on the market. Most importantly education and identity in moral oversight is important.
Nonmarket values are those things that are out of any market or business. In the present context, it is very similar to my own concept of nonmarket values and norms.
It is right that market thinks about profit most of the time without much discrimination between good and bad tasks. Markets have considered these things, and bad types of business dealings must be discouraged.

Page 55 Question 1,2,3

Dyson’s definition is a kind of paradox that is negating its own presence. In my opinion, these changes are for the better of different ethnicities in America.
“Lapel-pin nationalism” is probably showing the concept of being close to the most important part of nationality. I think it is showing the concept of patriotism.
I agree that most of the time patriotism and dissent are viewed as different things. If the higher authorities of the country do something practically or morally wrong, dissent can take the form of patriotism.

Page 61 Question 1,3

“Single Mother” refers to the woman, who is working hard to raise her family on her own. She may face different difficult conditions in the home as well as in the office. This is accurately presented as single mothers live alone and face difficult conditions.
Monetary issues affect all kinds of families whether they are single parents or living together as a whole. Resolution of these monetary issues produces more problems that are in need of solution.

Page 67 Question 1

I agree that human nature doesn’t feel convenient in developing racially integrated society. However, segregation in America is largely due to imposition of developing such a society.

Page 71 Question 1,2

Aliens were selected probably to increase the interest of readers. Moreover, they are showing a completely different kind of being in the context of racial issues.
Racial issues have developed many conditions of tragedy, humor, emotion, and turbulence, and these could be reasons for using the term drama. Yes, this history can be considered in terms of role-playing and performance due to reasons of several conditions as already mentioned.

Page 76 Question 1,2,3

Restorative justice refers to the restoration of community’s good condition through proper justice. I agree that a just response takes into consideration all those harm caused by crime.
I think that forgiving others can help us in thinking for our own stability and betterment. Forgiving others can preserve our integrity and greatness, thereby helping us in many ways.

Vengeance can help in achieving good justice especially in case of murder and other such crimes.

Page 93 Question 1,2,3
Mostly we think that we are good and others need rectification. Internet has become such a medium through which we can present us as we want.
In dealing with classmates, I used to face such a situation of a discrepancy between self-image and what others think about me. I try to preserve my self-image.
Online fame is taking people from the place where they are to the place where they can be in popularity, but they are presenting a cheap way that could be harmful for merit.
Public shaming is giving punishment to criminals in the public. I think this practice can be harmful in the initial steps of a criminal’s life.

Page 112 Question 1,2,3

This tactic is helpful in in-depth clearance of the issues related to disabled people. This strategy is also helpful in telling people about the ways in which disabled people are seen in the society.
She was perceived by the general public as a disabled person, who has to sit on wheelchair as a result of a disorder.

Our culture is helping us to think about the betterment of disabled people.

Disabled people are usually not seen from their own eyes. She said, “I keep forgetting that even people who know me well don’t know much about my world.”

Page 116 Question 1,2,3

According to my thinking, phantom idea is a kind of idea that is hidden from original situation. In my opinion, attention span is actually an idea (not a hidden one) and we have to talk about this in real situations.
In my opinion, Heffernan wants to actually increase attention span and not only talking about this. I am also of this opinion that we have to actually work on attention span.
She is talking about this point in history to strengthen her argument. This point is largely related to the attention span and its fulfillment in the present times.

Page 121 Question 1,2,3

I agree with Tapscott’s view that information freedom has increased the issue of personal control. We have to increase personal control with an increase in information freedom.
With increased sharing of personal information online, decrease in security issues has been found. These security concerns can be managed with proper research.
There must be more controls on sharing of personal information such as what kind of people do you like to meet and how to develop positive thinking to overcome negative issues of the society.

Page 125 Question 1,2,3

Titlow’s word choice is slightly harsh in this context. Selfie is not exactly connoting the concept of misery.
I think this tool is helpful in creating a social fame, and almost the same thing has been presented by Titlow.
“Pseudo-fame” refers to the condition of popularity that is not in the actual sense. Titlow is illustrating the popularity that cannot be achieved for longer times with the help of self-portraiture.

Page 149 Question 1,2,3

In my opinion, to some extent, companies work on the consumer behavior is important as it can help in bringing desired things. I don’t find this thing as an astonishing thing.
I think Duhigg is right in saying that habit emerges when brain stops making decisions. We keep on doing things without any problem with these habits and much thinking.
It can be a valid concern that companies study their consumers, but this study must be limited as detailed illustration or explanation of this could be a worrying situation as it would disturb the normal or routine life of consumers.

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