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Couples who look forward to having children often do not know what to expect, everything from them changing diapers at 4:00 am to getting up every two hours. It is a known fact that parents start to see different things in their children that might dictate that their little one is getting their own sense of wonder about the world around them, it is good and bad as most veteran parent will agree. It can be argued that parents start noticing different things about their baby seconds of being pulled out of the womb such as having a loud screeching voice when they are crying and shouting, some parents even try to label who the child takes after. However, there has always been a general debate about one very important question that has always been on every parent’s mind, who is easier to raise, a baby girl or a baby boy; there are still argumentative wars being waged about this question despite the millions of answers that have answered this question over the years.
Let it be known that there are some things that would dictate that a baby boy is easier to raise because of their attention to detail as well as their being able to amuse easily; their curiosity to everything around them is a big deal, it can be said that a baby boy is easier to raise because of their ability to comprehend disciplinary methods enforced by the parents. All of these differences and more only makes the baby boy vs. baby girl debate an even heated issue because most parents will argue one way or the other which is common. Let it be known that raising children is a challenge in its own way and every parents knows that there are going to be some headaches associated with those challenges, but the parents know that these challenges all are necessary in creating the grand design of their child. There are very big differences in raising a baby boy and a baby girl; they each are capable of being a handful in their own right, but baby boys are easier than baby girl to raise as this paper will discuss.
Baby boys are easier to keep up with as infants because they tend to be more laid back and it is easier to keep them out of things, it is easier to tell them no when they are touching something that they are not supposed to. An example of this is when they are picking up something like a milk ring or a paper clip and the parent take it away from them, they are likely to crawl or walk on to find the next item of their curiosity. With baby boys, most parents do not have to worry about what they are doing because they can sit in a corner quietly, play with whatever toy has their attention and it would be like they are not even in the room. According to Matlack (2011), “Infant boys expectations are pretty simple when it comes down to the things that they want, it does not make them a challenge to raise because they are pretty easy to please” (Matlack, 2011). Another thing that make baby boys a little easier to understand than baby girls is baby boys are intuitive, they have a natural penchant for solving problems which leaves their parents a lot of time to do things they want to do because no matter what problem the boy is solving or trying to work out; they see it as an exercise for their hungry little minds which enables them to solve the little more complicated problems.
Baby boys are little balls of energy that need a conduit in order to harvest that energy to be used for activities. Most parents will agree that baby boys are easier to raise because 93% of their time is spent using their energy to run around being active, spending the other 7% sleeping. Baby boys are very physical which often times allows parents to feel that watching them every single second of the day is unnecessary, baby boys are physically more active and burn more energy which means that they are likely to sleep several times throughout the day; they are not as cranky as baby girls are, but they are wellsprings of energy that require a playground in order to channel. It is a known fact that baby boys make it known what they want through their energy and activity hence making them easier to raise.
As baby boys have their vices and comeuppances that make them a challenge to raise and understand, baby girls have as well. Baby girls have things about them that make them more preferred than baby boys. For starters, baby girls are quick learners when it comes to vocabulary which makes it easier for them to identify what they want to their parents. Since baby girls are more communicative than baby boys, parents will have an easier time interacting with the baby girl. One thing that parents look forward to when they have a baby girl is that they potty train quicker than baby boys which is a huge plus for the parents, it can be said that baby girls just “know” when it is time for them to go to the potty and when they are being potty trained respectively. According to Spencer (2015), “Baby boys and baby girls are intuitive when they feel that they are ready to do something, they know when they are ready” (Spencer, 2015). As most parents well know, baby girls are good with their hands which comes as a big relief to parents because baby girls learn how to use kitchen utensils earlier than baby boys which is an indication to parents that they do not need to clean up after the baby girl because she intuitively cares about being neat. In conclusion, baby boys and baby girls are both a challenge to raise and understand but both have perks to them as well that makes them more preferred over the other when it comes to who is easier to raise. It can be argued that baby boys really are easier to raise than baby girls because baby boys do not need or require as much attention as a baby girl does, baby boys are capable of keeping themselves busy for hours either playing with their toys or trying to wrap their minds around everything they touch. Baby boys are better with problem solving which enables them to be a little bit more attentive to things that might probably complicate or cause complication than a baby girl. The fact that baby boys are better sleepers than baby girls gives parents a chance to breathe, and enable parents to put aside a little bit of time for themselves. Baby boys are their own entertainers and active brains which parents love.


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