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Q1. Answer. Increase in divorce and remarriages is related to family diversity, social class inequality and social change in that the family diversity brings about many characteristics of individuals who may find themselves not compatible in the long run thereby having many divorces. Social class inequality, on the other hand, brings about marriages being based on income rather than love thereby causing many divorces. The Social change increases the rates of divorces and remarriages have been accepted by the society.
Q2. Answer. Historical marriage based on the authority of the Christian church is similar to that marriage based on the authority of the state in that there are obligations that both the husband and the wife have to fulfil for the marriage to be successful. Additionally both authorities legitimize the marriage.
Q3. Answer. Annulment of a marriage means that the marriage between persons is cancelled, and it is declared that the marriage never existed. On the other hand, divorce in a marriage means that there is a valid ending of a marriage that existed thereby turning both parties involved to a single status and able to remarry.
Q4. Answer. There are two ways in which to interpret divorce rates. They include the crude divorce rates and the refined divorce rates. When individuals ask this question, then they are looking for percentages of divorces that happen at a particular time.
Q5. Answer. The two methods that might be used to predict divorce is the Gottman method and divorce probability calculator.
Q6. Answer. Divorce revolution benefited women in that it increased their liberation. The consent of only one partner was needed to divorce a marriage. Women also became less prone to domestic violence.
Q7. Answer. The connection between the divorce revolution, the income effect and the independence effect is that there was a reduction in the income of families, and many people felt that they had been liberated from the chains of marriage.
Q8. Answer. The great recession might have increased divorces in the bid for the couples to maintain their dependence in terms of income. Contrary, the Great Depression consolidated some marriages in that couples saw the need to consolidate their incomes.
Q9. Answer. Couples are mostly likely to remarry after divorce because they have lived together and know each other well as opposed to other people.
Q10. Answer. It is often difficult to define relationships blended in families because different individuals in different families have different kinds of relationships.

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