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Characteristics of food production and beverage service systems

There exist a number of characteristics for food service that usually make it very uniquely different in comparison with other products related to food. This rareness also influences the decisions that are normally made concerning the production of food an also the services that are offered thereof in accompaniment to the production.

These include the following:

• The demand of food normally increases in the times that are referred to as the peak times. These peak times normally occur at around breakfast, the times of lunch and also the dinner meals. In between these times at which the demand for food is at the peak, there are a number of valleys regarding the demand for food and the beverages.
• The demand for food by the customers also varies depending on a given time of the year. This also entails the occurrence of the competitive events like the sports events. This implies that the production of food is supposed to be modified depending on these variations.

• The process of food production is very labor intensive and thus requires skill and competence .

• The process requires both the skilled together with the unskilled labor working in conjunction to achieve better results.
• Food is a very perishable resource thus requires proper handling before preparation, during the process of preparation and also after preparation.

• The menus always change each and every day implying that the food production should also change on a daily basis.

Factor that could be affecting the menus and recipes for specific systems
There are a number of factor that affect menu design and these include:
• Budget: These usually may have variations depending on the type of meal that an individual is planning to cook. The restaurant or household budget needs be put into consideration when designing the menu.
• Available skill and expertise: When designing the menu, one needs to be very realistic and put the available expertise and specialty available regarding a given food to be included on the menu.
• Food selection: The selection of food also plays a very vital role during the process of meal and menu planning. This means that the individual should put into consideration which foods or items are always served in compliment to each other and those that do not require complementation.
• Preparation and the overall cooking times: This simply means that one should be able to cook all the foods that are included on the menu in time in case they are ordered for by the client.

Justification for the suitability of systems for particular food and beverage outlets

• Stock systems: having enough stock in this case the foods and beverage whenever the clients need them I very vital to the continued running of the outlet.
• Merchandising: This entails all the strategies to be adopted by the food and beverage outlet in selling out their foods to the public.

• Advertising: The outlets ought to roll out proper strategies for making the outlet

• Technology: This entails how the food outlets incorporate the technology in its systems.
Compiling food and beverage menus for a hospitality event
Justification for the selection and suitability of recipes for menus
a) Use the budget sheet provided and work out these costs:
I. Explain and work out the equation of - the sales price per head was achieved
Price per person= (labor cost+ additional costs)/numbers of attendee.

Plated menu: 112.51 pounds

Buffeted menu: 80.68 pounds
Profit the company will make on both menus, discussing which one would be more profitable to the company and why
Preference: Plated menu
Reason: Less cost incurred per person
b) Discuss the use of financial documents in a food and beverage company and why they are necessary; relate it to your current function
The food and beverage industry has in recent times realized tumultuous achievements There have been a number of increases in the in the commodity and food prices, a number of momentous peaks in fuel, transportation and other operational costs, and other increased concerns about the safety of food.
Thus the food and beverage companies have devised strategies and methodologies that can make them make a number of audits on their checks and balances. This can help them make informed decisions regarding their operations and also keep track of their progress. The use of these documents can help these companies make an informed decision for example regarding the suppliers to hire in their companies. The records can help these companies properly calculate and estimate the taxes they have to remit to the government.c) Compare the cost of staffing for the 2 services on the budget sheets provided and explain why you would need different staff for each service and therefore different costs are involved

Plated menu labor cost: 1452 pounds

Buffeted menu labor cost:1271
What health and hygiene considerations did you put in place to determine the success of a quality service (think of staff, operational space, food production areas) and how did you record if they were understood by the staff and used effectively
The accidents related to work can have very far very disastrous effects on the workers and their families. They could lead to so many effects including stress, disability or even a change or loss of employment. The costs involved can sometimes be too big to be estimated in terms of money. Workers should thus ensure that the working conditions in their places of work are proper which will in the end facilitate their proper delivery of services that they ought to.
The following are some of the guidelines that need to be ensured to maintain achieve proper working conditions for the workers in a food and beverage outlet:

Compliance with the safety regulations and other occupational health regulations and the legal requirements.

They should follow the established safety procedures that are stated by the responsible bodies that usually govern their industry.
They should also ensure that the necessary protective equipment and gear is available to minimize the risks they would incur.
The workers should ensure that they desist from any form of horse play or any conduct similar to that because this compromises their health.
At the moment a worker encounters an injury, they are advised to get some rest until they are completely well and in a good state to work again.


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