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This paper is about an interview conducted by me with two different children and their parents. The interview purpose was supposed to analyze the religious background of the children, their understanding of death as well as the movies and shows they watch. This also looks into how much time the children spend with television and whether the parents exercise parental control as well as watch some shows with the children. Due to privacy, the real identity of the children and the parents is hidden.

Part 1

Deandre Broger, a seven-year-old from Newark was the first child to be interviewed by me. Broger clearly understood what happens to living things. She says “someday the morira people because such is life.” When asked about death Broger with a clear understanding explained it has a separation of the mortal body and the spirit. In regard to the movement of death people, she disputed the fact that death people can wake up and walk. She claimed that people after death become immobile and defenseless. Again the question of whether people get up and eat, Broger categorically stated that dead people cannot get up and eat, put the death person’s spirit can take up another life and make movements. Broger says that, people once dead, they cannot return to live since they go to heaven or hell.
In a continuation of the interview, I caught up with Broger’s mother Hernamies Dee, who shares her life experience and involvement with his son. Dee is always very close to her son. She asserts that she always keeps an eye on her son as she controls him and teach him good morals and how to behave. In regard to the religious issues, she decided to be confident on that. In controlling her son, Dee tries her best to often teach his son between right and wrong. Further, she says that, she always allow her son to watch television at most two hours on the weekdays to ensure that he does his homework. She identifies the shows watched by her son as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. At given times, she let him watch the given programmers on Tablets or computer. Once in a while Dee stays put to watch with her son to watch together to make sure this are the right programs since she too was brought up the same way by her mother. Dee indicated that she was a Muslim, but she wouldn’t take her son to any service of the Muslims.
Luis Zeronis is a quite, shy boy of 11 years old, fears to speak in front of people. Luis understands very well that people will one day die. Luis acknowledges that as human we cannot live in this world forever. Luis states that, death is when the subtle consciousness leaves the body and proceeds to the next life. She says “our body is like a guest house and our mind like a guest; when we die our mind has to leave this body and enter the body of our next rebirth, like a guest leaving on guesthouse and traveling to another.” He says that once people are dead they cannot have any movements. Luis gives a Bible account of death whereby it compares it to sleep more than fifty times. After death people are asleep, they are unconscious; they are not aware of anything going on around them nor time passing. He says that from the bible it is shown that Jesus returned to life after death. Being a Christian Luis believes that some people will also have the same opportunity.
Luis Mother, Gladis Sandoval, was happy to see her son talking about herself. In her opinion, she said that parental control is very essential in a family. She did say that her son did spend most of his time reading books and practicing for sports. Therefore, she doesn’t have many problems with him. She said that Luis only watches television on children channels or educative channels on weekends for approximately eight hours. She says that she is sure of what her son watch, and she often sits next to him.

Snow White is the main character in the movie. Her mother, the queen, died immediately after she gave birth to her. Her Father the King remarried another woman. The stepmother to snow always bragged of her beauty before Snow, but soon after she had grown snow became the most beautiful making the stepmother jealous. She then gained hatred for snow. As a result, the stepmother resorts to killing snow who the runs away for her life. In the forest where she had run to Snow met seven Dwarfs. Snow’s stepmother never relented and went after snow in the forest to poison her with an apple. The handsome prince comes over for Snow, and she requests the Dwarfs to let him take her rather they rejected the request. The Dwarfs did cast a spell and later noticed that the queen died, the prince asked for Snow White hand from the dwarfs and they were happy.
In the story, the name of white snow was an appreciation of beauty. White is part of the characters who died, but she had the privilege of returning to life. Snow biological mother died a natural death after giving birth. Snow experienced death by poisoning. All this instances determines that they had died, perceiving that they cannot work normal. The decision by the Dwarfs in regard to snows white makes a comparison with reality, in different parts of the world. The prince kissed Snow and come back to life in which she later became happy and formed a valuable relation with her. The dead characters were mentioned once again in their death, but the Snow was mentioned after returning to life.
The Movie thought children that death is imminent. It shows children that death can be natural or induced. It also teaches the children that the death deserves respect as it was with the dwarfs. The presentation of death ought to be presented in a more realistic way. They should not make fiction especially in regard to returning to life.

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