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Key arguments in the Documentary

The documentary ‘Crude’ provides a broad perspective over which a number of issues can be painted. It covers the critical aspect that touches on global politics, human rights activism, media, multi-national corporate supremacy, and environmental crusades. The ‘crude’ is defined as a combination of issues that touches on various aspects of societal well-being. The documentary discusses complex issues in multi-dimensional perspectives to the extent that it diverts attention from advocacy in filmmaking to important issues. Ideally, the film’s narrative exposes to the audience to the fundamental story of human travails and environmental perils.
One of the major areas of discussion is environmental degradation that critically affects the livelihood of the Amazon jungle inhabitants in Ecuador. The case pits the indigenous dwellers of the rainforest and the Chevron that is one of the biggest US oil exploration company. A key element of the case is the assertion by the indigenous community that throughout the operations of Chevron Company, there has been a consistent and persistent degradation of the environment that has affected the environment and by extension the local population. Texaco that is a partner of the Chevron oil company is accused of systematically sullying of the land and the water bodies around the Amazon. The plaintiffs in the case allege that the consistent pollution has made the region a death trap effectively making individuals prone to cancer problems, birth complications, and other related diseases.
The indigenous of the Amazon further claim that the operations of the company have affected their lifestyles and cultural orientation. The assertions are based on the fact that the operations of the company through its workers and code of conduct influenced the people to shift away from their traditional values and ways of life to conform to the ideas of imperialism. The local indigenous further allege that they have been affected by the operations of the company such as noise pollution. The local population has a reason to complain and raise their issues due to the negative consequences that that the two oil companies have caused in the area. The assertions by the local population have a far-reaching legal implication on the stability of the two companies, but the two entities in their submissions had interesting remarks.
Chevron and Texaco claim in their response that the allegations are a cheap propaganda by environmental fundamentalists who are to enrich themselves. Essentially, the companies claim that the issues raised are false and require immense scrutiny and not innuendos and con activities. While the judicial process continues in court, the behind the scenes become viral as political, celebrity groups, and influential leaders join the case as a measure of ensuring that justice is achieved for the affected communities. The court process takes a toll on the two companies due to the negative publicity that gets out of the legal proceedings. The matter is complicated by the fact that a number of people and organizations join the fight to ensure that justice is served. The legal proceedings set precedence on how future cases can be dealt with appropriately while using the paradigm as a reference point. The case between the indigenous of the Amazon jungle and the two giant oil exploration companies deal with two critical issues that are of the essence. One of the areas of concern is the effect of the oil exploration of the environment and secondly its implications on the people’s livelihoods.

Policy Options

As a policy maker, there are a number of options that can be taken to ensure that there is compliance from the two companies in so far as safeguarding the environment and the interest of the people are concerned. One of the key policy issues would be put some legal requirements for the company based on environmental well-being. Case in point is that the company would be limited to the amount of chemical or gas emissions directed to the water and air respectively. Such legal implications would ensure that the company is held liable for any risky activities contaminating the environment and affecting the livelihoods of the indigenous. The policy would also compel the companies to treat some of the chemical contents before releasing to the water bodies.
Cooperate social responsibilities are one of the most important aspects that companies have employed in integrating the needs and aspirations of the indigenous community. The company should ensure that it has a program that makes it possible to work with the local communities. The idea is to ensure that the company gains acceptance and draws a productive working relationship with the people. The companies can work with the indigenous communities is employing them in the company as a consequence of inferring partial ownership to the indigenous communities. The company can also assist in medical services, educating the local populace and taking care of the immediate environment. Such actions can aid in dealing with the inherent challenges that might occur effectively disenfranchising the company. The company needs to consider such policy options to make it a more responsible entity in the market.

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