Free Gun Control Is A Necessity: Essay Sample

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Published: 2021/02/23

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A Proposal

More and more frequently, we hear about horrible gun massacres in schools and churches and various other public locations. The more we hear about this, the more the question of gun control comes up, and for good reason. Gun control refers to the control of firearms on a governmental level. There are an abundant amount of arguments against gun control, mainly that we have a right to protect ourselves and it isn’t the fault of the guns but of the people who abuse them, and these arguments are valid but overdone and outdated. That being the case, gun control must once again come under the microscope in order to deal with these frequent massacres in a way that they can be done away with altogether. The argument for protecting ourselves is pointless when it comes down to massacres. The slippery slope of gun control must be done away with for any true advancement in the areas surrounding death by guns.


This project will make an argument for the complete elimination of firearms. This is, I acknowledge, the strictest form of gun control, but this is also the only way for us to decrease the amount of gun deaths, especially those mass shooting that are ever the more popular in this day and age. I will tackle this issue by addressing those notorious examples of mass shootings and trace each example back to how the guns were acquired which will show the ineffectiveness of the current gun laws. While doing this, I will contend the opposition by showing the flaws in that particular way of thinking, specifically that the right to own firearms only extends so far, and the root of these laws were founded in a time of political unrest. That being the case, the laws are not relevant today, and the opposition uses that argument simply because it appears to be logically sound. This is not the case, however. I will follow this up with references to different countries, especially those with very strict gun laws or simply no guns at all. Great examples of this are Japan and Tunisia. When I introduce these examples, I will also have to tackle Switzerland because they own just as many guns but have far less gun crime. This might open another avenue into the issue, where I can explore how gun control can be effective, but this will eventually come down to the culture of guns in Switzerland versus the culture of guns in other developed nations, which makes a country like the U.S. an exception to the rules that perhaps Switzerland plays by. All of this information will be used to strengthen my argument that only the strictest form of gun control will work in a place with horrific mass shootings as a common occurrence.


Gun control is a necessity in the developing nations that are fraught with mass gun homicides. This is an epidemic that shouldn’t be blamed purely on guns, but without guns in the picture, the main issue can be tackled which is most likely a psychological and a societal one. The evidence provided will show that the current laws are far too loose to be effective, and although guns aren’t necessarily all to blame for the mass shooting, those shootings would be far less likely with strict guns laws, in fact, the strictest. Through an effective comparison/contrast analysis of different countries with varying gun control laws, a strong and convincing argument can be made.

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