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It is during the infancy of the United States that Americans were seen to imitate and adopt inventions and technology of the British. The power of America both economically and politically then came to grow in the mid-nineteenth century. After the period of the nineteenth century, each country's technology then began to affect other countries mutually (Curtis, 56). Computers, cars, and the steam engine came up and started to exist in America. All these items came to exist only after the United States became the world's dominant source of power, and that was during the twentieth century. Science and technology in America then began to affect deeply many areas primarily lives in Britain. This essay aims at explaining whether the steam engine, the car, or the computer more profoundly changed American life.
The steam engine has had high impacts that have changed lives of Americans over time. These results are both positive and negative. Apparently, all the Americans still consider technology of the steam engine to have transformed their societies. The steam engines positively created urbanization and industrialization, emergence of big businesses, employment, improvement of transport systems and a rise in the living standards of people. In America, the steam engine was critical for industrialization by developing the railroad and spreading of transportation (Anderson, 91). It further created new jobs and forced people to move into the cities for employment and settlement. New ways of life especially work has changed the lives of Americans with machineries that have increased production. Adverse impacts of the steam engine that have changed lives of Americans include pollution and child labor. Pollution arising from the steam locomotive has created pollution in rivers and smoked air-giving rises to poor living conditions and health challenges.
Automobiles especially the car has made the lives of Americans improve. Faster movement, industrialization, and intercultural interactions have been the positive effects of the car that have changed the lives of Americans. Increased and rapid movement from one place to another has ensured smooth feeling when it comes to moving around. Cars are efficient in United States of America, and they provide a person can move from a point to another without hustle unlike before. Interactions among cultures have ignored discriminations and provided modernity in the lives of the Americans (Judith, 128). Industrialization also has created more jobs for the Americans just as the steam engine has. On the other side of effects, cars have led to the loss of lives in accidents. The accidents have changed lives of Americans because lives were lost in other ways before and today the car claims lives of people. Pollution also is a negative effect on the lives of Americans and exhaust wastes get into the bodies of individuals leading to ill health conditions.
In concluding, the computer has changed life of Americans both positively and negatively with most impacts on children, families, and schools. Brain imageries among children have been available, and children find their work easy both at school and at home. Health sectors including hospitals and other faculties like accounts, hospitality and social ones use the computer. Systems use computers for data storage mostly and making work easier unlike before. Computers also help in communication and internet services that did not exist before.
Investigations were done by use of computers especially in cases of crime and these speeds up administration. Crime increase and unhealthy behavior did not exist in the lives of Americans. With computers today, tracking of people has been easy, and most criminals use the computers to guide them in their activities (Pierre, 76). Unhealthy films were causing unhealthy behaviors like pornography are also available at cheap costs and free at times. Not forgetting pollution of the environment, computer wastes like the destroyed parts also pollute the environment and pose health risks.

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