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Project chart for the items that should be bought to assemble a good machine.

In the above budget for the for the pc build in the table were chosen because of the following reasons;
For the case of this setup, it is optional for the customer to purchase power supply because it comes together with the system casing.in case a customer requires any power, it is just for emergency in a scenario of shortage or blow up of the one in the case. It is recommended that a customer takes the one in the table because it has power proof that would not cause any damage to the system in case of fluctuating power Daniel Stephen (1970)..
The DVD drive selected is capable of performing multiple tasks for example it can act as CD drive meaning there is no need to buy a separate CD drive for the new PC. It has Read-Write capability meaning the customer can easily record files with the aid of burning software like A shampoo and Nero.
Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 500GB SATA/300 7200RPM 16MB Hard Drive, is the recommended type of hard disks for the customer because first it supports new technology. That is it works on the SATA technology and has larger capacity of 500GB capable of meeting the increasing customer demands. In this scenario, SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. Since this hard drive type bases on SATA technology that means there is speed performance. Daniel Stephen (1970). Taking the PATA version of hard drive would mean low performance. It also supports RAID technology (Redundant Arrays Of Inexpensive Disk), a backup mechanism for data.
Floppy drives are optional because most new technologies do not come with floppy drive and another thing is that it uses old technology that is PATA technology that does not perfect speed as required in the customer’s needs.
Since the person wants to use three machines, there is need to have a thin client machine that supports three machines from one CPU. Wolff, J. Naudu (1975). This will enable him to connect the monitors and be able to perform many factions using one CPU.
There is need for a good operating system that can support a lot of applications. Most of the servers use window xp 2003 edition but as there is the advancement of technology there is use of window 7 and even windows 8 since they have been built with a platform to help carp that problem. Daniel Stephen (1970). In this scenario I prefer window 8 with 64 bit operating system. For the machine to be able to produce good sound there must be a sound card that support the type of the motherboard. We have many types of this sound card but I have decided to choose diamond multimedia extreme sound because it is designed to be compatible in many platforms and it is durable and strong to handle three to four monitors. There is need for a good video card since the person wants to do recording. I propose a one gigabyte vodeo card because it can be strong and durable to hold any ask without overheating.In connecting other devices the person needs to buy other cables. Daniel Stephen (1970). For example I have proposed a floppy drive cable that will help in the connection of the floppy disks to the motherboard. We also need DVD cables that help connect the drive to the machine for watching and recording of the films or movies that the client wants. Hard drive cables and is needed to make the connection for the motherboard to the hard drive. I have suggested a good cable in the table above , the cable will work efficiently and reduce much destruction in case of power surges.
Finally on the user accounts since the client t wants passwords and user accounts, after assembling the computers and installing the recommended operating system, there is need to create those accounts for them. There is need to input limits on the settings of the children’s accounts, and this will be set to a time that the children will use the machine once that set time is over, the machine goes off and the account deactivates itself for a period of time that is allocated. There is need for a thin client because it will help connect the three monitors that the person wants to be in use. Printing and recording needs a printer too so we must get a good printer that helps the user to be able to print the CDS once recorded. Wolff, J. Naudu (1975).
The final thing to do to ensure the machine is very secure and free of viruses, we need to install antivirus and in this case I prefer karspersky because it is a strong antivirus that take care of the incoming viruses and ensures that there is no virus in the machine and there it blocks any viruses detected in the process of inserting devices or internet related viruses. Daniel Stephen (1970).
In conclusion, maintenance is the main thing that needs to be done regularly to check for any problems and resolve before they grow to be bigger and end up crashing the machine and hence losing everything.


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