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Many scientists as well theologians argue that religious faith and logical reason are not compatible. scientists did suggested that only the reason of nature is enough to provide answers to questions about the meaning or purpose of the existence of human .according to 2 pope john Paul the existence of human has been influenced by contemporary secular positions that is rationalism and scientism. The most significant challenge for those who defend the relationship between f faith and reason comes from neither rationalism nor scientism but it comes from contemporary relativism and postmodernism. Many scientists and rationalist who have questioned the relationship between science and theology do so because they believe that the application of natural reason is limited to claims affecting empirical and conceptual analysis. Scientists and rationalists believe that both empirical and conceptual claims can be proofed through objective and universal standards that are based on logical reason.
According to Collins (92), contemporary relativists and postmodernists rejected the view that the there are any objective and universal standards of truth and so doing they also reject the possibility of logical reason as a basis for verifying empirical and conceptual claims .both relativism and postmodernism pose a clear threat to the possibility of a rational foundation for religious faith. In this sense, relativism and postmodernism also challenges the thesis that faith and reason are compatible. The key objective of this thesis is to elucidate and analyze some key concepts and claims that underlying the arguments that have been advanced both and against the thesis of relationship between science and theology (Collins 93).

The rules of engagement is widely regarded as a definitive expose of the violent confrontation between US federal law enforcement and the branch Davidians near Waco, Texas, in 1993.This rules claims that the federal agents engineered the demise of the cult will contribute much to the popular understanding of Waco (Kenneth 1 ). The rules of engagement with its sympathetic approach to the cult help the viewers in understanding much about the Waco siege.

Theology really is life and death

The theology of the branch of the Davidians defined a group. The indications were there from the onset of the drama that if law enforcement were to resolve the situation it would have to engage with these beliefs. Koresh who was one of the Davidian branch called the a 911 during the gun battle to try to arrange a ceasefire .in his conversation with the police officer he began to explain his theology but the officer tried to steer the conversation back to the immediate situation. His theology baffled the federal officers who were negotiating but there were people who could have help the federal officers understand the beliefs of the Branch Davidians (Kenneth 1). The federal agent explained that the branch davidians believed that the fifth seal was a prophecy of their martyrdom. The theology was indeed a matter of life and death for the group. However, some scientists argued that analysis of these groups that neglects psychological factors leads to disproportionate emphasis on intellectual factors especially in relation to these group’s attraction and retention of members. The appeal of a particular theology or ideology is not the sole motive for people who join a new religious movement.

Who were these people?

According to Catherine (272) the inspiration of the rules of engagement came when producers Dan Gifford and Amy Sommer viewed the home movie shot by the Branch Davidians. the skills of David Koresh insisted that they are not staying against their will, their testimonies had a profound effect on the producers who felt that the Davidians came across as rational people and not as the unstable fanatics as they portrayed by the media and federal agents ( Kenneth 1). Koresh’s success in attracting his followers in contrast with roden can be attributed to his apocalyptic theology. Their theologies focused on their self aggrandisement as prophetic messengers with major roles to play in the last days.

We are now in the fifth seal

The producers of the rules of engagement presented the Branch Davidians a positive light as the documentary treats Koresh’s theology of violence and his follower’s acceptance of it in an uncritical way. Kenneth (1) explained that the film that was produced by the Branch Davidians expectation of an armed conflict with US law enforcement devoted much on screen time to justify the Branch Davidians stockpiling of weapons. The Branch Davidians did not expect to survive such a battle but that was part of their apocalyptic scenario on the seven seals. the fifth seal offers an explanation as to why the Branch Davidians expected martyrdom and also why david Koresh did not lead them out of the compound to surrender after their shootout with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms [ATF] and the Federal of Bureau Investigation FBI. The failure of the negotiations between the FBI and the Branch Davidians to resolve the siege near Waco lay behind the Bureaus decision to launch its teargas assault on Mount Carmel. According to Kenneth (1) this operation seems to have precipitated the apparent self-immolation by the cult members that claimed eighty lives. The FBI wanted Koresh and his followers to surrender to their case whereas the Branch Davidians insisting that the agents should a make a choice. Either they accepted Koresh’s message or God would destroy them in the time of the sixth seal.

We will run through the fire

According to Kenneth (1), the rule of engagement challenges the official view that the Branch Davidians committed fiery mass suicide
According to Kenneth ( 1) in the final analysis, it seems the apocalyptic theology of David Koresh is the key to understanding the tragedy of Waco. His theology defined the ultimate concern for the Branch Davidians: the establishment of the kingdom of God. This could only take place after their deaths by fire. The evidence indicates that the Branch Davidians torched the main complex at Mount Carmel because the FBI assault threatened their ultimate concern.


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