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In order to access information from other computers, the personal computer must undergo configuration. Through configuration the sales persons at the insurance company are able to access information that exists in office computers and help from experts within the insurance company. Configuration enables a person to access information from any computer all over the world. This paper will discuss three ways that computers can be used to connect to other computers to ensure access to information. Accessing office information from personal computers, PDA or mobile phone is instrumental in the field of electronic commerce. The various methods to be used in connecting computers can use downloadable programs, tools built in the computer and solutions that are based on the browser. There are various methods that can be used to connect computers.
The first method that can be used by the company to connect to the phones or laptops of sales person is TeamViewer. This kind of method requires the installation of software and the creation of an account (Gordon, 2014). This cross platform method is easy to set up and it has various features that facilitate access to information from the office computer when doing the sales. This method requires downloading the TeamViewer on the office computer to be accessed and the remote computers. The combination of the password and the username is sufficient to set the software into operation. This method only requires the installation of additional software and the creation of accounts. This is why it is considered a simple way of sharing information between machines.
The TeamViewer can have an android application and i-OS which makes it easy to be used with mobile phones and web client. These features enable it to operate without necessary downloading additional software (Gordon, 2014). The TeamViewer has a feature that enables the waking up of the office computer which is on sleep mode without getting to the office computer. The only disadvantage of the system is that it needs the installation of additional software.
The other method is the use of window remote desktop. It is remote access software that can be used to access the files in other computers. The remote assistance is in built in the windows. The version can send invitations to other computers.
The program is less hectic as the remote assistance is already built in the windows (Fisher, 2015). There is no need to install any software as in the case of the TeamViewer. A router needs to be set up to facilitate port forwarding. The person receiving information from the host computer only needs to open the remote access software that has already been installed. This method is beneficial because it is easy but is lacks features that are present in other programs. It is less expensive as the remote access software is already fixed onto the windows.
The chrome Remote desktop can also be used in sharing information between computers. This method uses the Google chrome hence it can work with any operating system so long as it uses chrome. Windows, chrome books and Linux can be used with this program. This program extends from Google chrome browser (Fisher, 2015). It is set up by installing the Google Chrome extension and authenticating remote access through the use of a personal verification. The person who needs the information from the host computer must also install the extension with similar Google credentials.
The TeamViewer is more appropriate compared with the other two programs. It can be used with mobile phones hence making it more effective for sales persons. It has the android application system hence appropriate with cell phones which are the most portable devices. The chrome remote desktop does not operate with mobile phones that have no windows features. This program also does not require a router. The TeamViewer is multiplatform program in its nature hence preferable to the others. This TeamVeiwer also has an application for Quick support. This application does not need any installation. Administration rights are also not needed hence it is appropriate for sharing with third parties. The insurance company should, therefore, prefer it to the others. However, all the programs can be useful in sales.


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